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Wonderful listening, good music, of course, with a good headset

Everyone's mind beats by dre has a music beats earphones world of their own, that is a unique listening style. In order to meet their own music style beats headphones on sale hobbies, get better music to enjoy, select their own headphones, it is particularly important. A good music headset, not only has a good quality sound quality, but also joined the noise reduction performance, let you wander in the music of the ocean, today for everyone to recommend several good music headphones, music up to people Oversight bar cost-effective headphones, it is recommended to bring their own ear hanging, suitable for running time to listen to music. Color and appearance are also added to the corresponding "movement elements", giving a young and free feeling, running up certainly pull the wind. Headphones in the sense of hearing, although still for the overall sense of pleasure on the low frequency of a certain outstanding, but at least not analytical chaos, low-frequency hammer of the rhythm, the overall sense of good, and the sound field also have a certain grasp, not depressed.

It can be compatible with a variety of smart phones, plus personalized remote control buttons, music and call between the easy to switch, like the music and simple operation of the MM, is a very good choice Oh. Stylish and slightly low-key fashion, sound balance has the power, this with the appearance of cool boys take the ride Features is the weight of cheap beats the headset is very light, small size, should not fall off. Quite characteristic of the irregular geometry design, like a bad boy. Simple, rich sense of design. Before that, Edifier likes to pack in cartons. This headset wear effect is pretty good, thanks to the H293M tilt catheter design. Although the ear is not deep, but the sound insulation is good, the headset tilt catheter design so that it can not resist the left and right. High-quality in-ear headphones, can provide quasi-HIFI level of sound, comfortable to wear, suitable for a long time to listen to use, K374 has a very good sound performance, "neutral" "balanced" "comprehensive" is its voice characteristics. Sound pure natural, very little dyeing, the overall quality of outstanding, with good transparency and rich sound details. Headphones each earplugs placed multi-layer ceramic and aerospace metal moving double unit, the former responsible for high frequency. The latter is responsible for medium and low audio, showing high-quality details of the analytical ability and rich texture of the sound, listen to a sense of balance; front cavity wheel hub symmetrical design, open sound field is more penetrating force, the formation of three-dimensional and level sound; System smart wire, support for Apple and Andrews.