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Wireless headset where you look the most easy to lose headphones

Now digital design is more and more compact, more and more refined. But also bring us some trouble. He easy to "long feet hide", which is where you will be anxious to find the wireless headset, exactly where the wireless headset you are. Let's take a look at the most easily lost headphones in these years. The traditional wireless Bluetooth headset is not really a wireless design, either with a headset design to connect two ear caps, or use a cable to connect earbuds, but without the need for an additional 3.5mm cable to connect the phone or the player. Two completely independent ear earplugs, while the body with a waterproof seal rubber design, to achieve a good movement to listen to music experience. Interestingly, it is not just a wireless headset, but also built-in acceleration, optical infrared sensor, you can monitor the user movement, and even through the head of the movement can also achieve some posture control, such as nod to answer the phone, shaking his head refused to call. At present, there are countless wireless headphones in the market, the use of a more traditional ear hanging design, in order to achieve a more solid wear experience. In addition, it also built a hybrid sensor, can be achieved, including heart rate monitoring and other sports equipment, very advanced. At the same time, the production version beats by dre sale will also incorporate more features, such as noise reduction, frequency adjustment and voice control.

Looks like cheap beats by dre a traditional Bluetooth headset, but a set of two headphones, so also supports stereo output, but looks slightly larger. However, this design is not the final version, there is room for improvement. Its main selling point is not integrated motion monitoring function, but high-quality audio output, using the "Kleer" technology, so that Bluetooth headset can also have excellent sound quality performance. "Where are you beats by dr dre wireless headphones?" Despite these most likely to lose headphones, but can not stop everyone like these easy to carry headphones.