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Wireless headset and Bluetooth headset difference

Wireless headset and Bluetooth headset difference: There are many types of wireless headset, Bluetooth wireless headset is only one form, and the more mainstream wireless headset is 2.4G and Bluetooth two. .4G wireless headset is generally equipped with a separate wireless transmitter, the wireless transmitter can be connected to other sources, and then headset with the wireless transmitter to connect to achieve wireless listening. We can see a lot of audio and video 2.4G headset beats by dre studio transmitter are relatively large, because it can be connected to a variety of types of audio sources, and also have a better transmission effect.

In fact, the current 2.4G wireless headset has also been to facilitate, we see the transmitter has become smaller and smaller, such as with beats by dre sale the computer to use the 2.4G headset transmitter even smaller than the smallest U disk, and portable 2.4G wireless headset transmitter interface, but also generally large card reader, the use of relatively speaking, or relatively convenient. 2.4G wireless headset is the biggest advantage in the compatibility of a wider range, its transmitter can generally correspond to a variety of sources used.

Bluetooth headset is with the popularity of Bluetooth and the development of wireless headset products, and with the Bluetooth function of intelligent electronic beats by dre on sale devices gradually popular, Bluetooth headset has become a new favorite. Bluetooth headset needs the device itself to support beats by dre studio the Bluetooth function, and then through the equipment with the paired connection to use, so it eliminates the need for the transmitter cumbersome, obviously more convenient. At present, our smart phones and portable tablet PCs are equipped with Bluetooth, no doubt, Bluetooth headset is also the best choice to go out to listen to the wireless.