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Wireless cable lead the sound of delicate headphones

The rise of wireless headphones is actually in recent years, but the momentum is very rapid development, and wireless beats by dre studio transmission technology has made a series of gratifying breakthrough, the emergence of this new product for the majority of consumers to provide more choices The However, the sound performance alone, the cable headset sound quality is usually better, so the wired headset has become a lot of users insist on the same. So for ordinary headset users, the face of Ling Lang endless cable and wireless headset, which in the end you choose which headset products? First of all, if you like to listen to good voice, want to pursue a more practical listening feeling, then the wired headset is the favorite of friends. If you want to pursue a more free to listen to enjoy, get rid of wire binding, become the focus of the street, then the wireless headset is a must for friends. In order to allow users to friends to better choose their own headphones, but also to allow friends to save their purchase time, we deliberately in the electrical business at the collection of several high-quality wired and wireless ear Cover design is a beats earbuds bright spot, using a sports car wheel hub design, very powerful sense. In order to ensure that the headset cavity sealing, but also in this layer of hollow under a layer of transparent acrylic. Cavity gold and black mix is ??both stylish and yet low-key. Machine products, if friends like to listen better sound better

Full cover closed structure design, the shell with a drawing process, looks very high, but also no lack of fashion sense. Wearing a very comfortable, whether it is a long time to go out to wear or quiet at home are very appropriate to listen. Headphones debugging excellent, using a new diaphragm, can be a good suppression of the generation of resonance. Driven by the performance of the point of view, the headphones of beats solo the three-frequency no obvious shortcomings, outstanding performance of the human voice, the details described in place, the high-frequency sound bright and natural, is a good sound quality, cost is very high Portable headset products.