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Why is the Bluetooth headset sound quality is beats by dre cheap not to force?

If someone knows a little bit of audio knowledge, will certainly know the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones as wired headphones. Some people will blame the sound quality of Bluetooth transmission speed, but also that the Bluetooth standard upgrade and sound quality will have an inevitable link. But is it really that way? What are the reasons why Bluetooth audio equipment will be constrained by the sound quality? cheap beats by dr dre The fundamental reason for poor sound quality of Bluetooth audio equipment is very simple, because in the transmission process which uses a lossy code to compress the audio signal. And loss of coding in the compression in order to be able to achieve a larger compression ratio, to achieve a smaller amount of data, will abandon the audio signal which some of the original information. And the compressed information is insufficient, resulting in distortion in the process of decompression and restore. I think a lot of people know that over-compression of the picture will produce significant noise or color blocks, and these two phenomena is detrimental to the distortion caused by compression. The loss of audio is also the case, the same will be introduced when the distortion distortion, but not very intuitive. Many people will be more difficult to distinguish between loss and loss of music between the differences, so even if you do not feel the loss of sound caused by Bluetooth transmission is also a very normal thing.

If you want to distinguish between the loss and loss of the beats earbuds obvious difference between, I suggest you can be a lossless music compression into a small bit rate MP3 (preferably less than 96kbps). This contrast can be clearly found after the loss of mp3 version will lose a lot of detail and high frequency. While the sense of density will sound down, you will feel the loss of audio is a very loose sense of hearing. But with the loss of audio bit rate (file volume) rise, the difference will become smaller and smaller, or even difficult to distinguish, far less than the visual images and video intuitive. In the early because of Bluetooth bandwidth is limited, so have to use lossy compression, the audio bit rate smaller after transmission. And today, Bluetooth has been several generations of development, Bluetooth 4.0 limit transmission up to 24Mbps. On the current point of view, lossless audio bandwidth requirements are not harsh, CD specifications of the lossless audio only 1.4Mbps bandwidth can be achieved, far below the limit speed, but why still can not be non-destructive transmission?

Even if the amount of data in the Bluetooth audio transmission is limited by the protocol, it is possible to improve the sound quality by increasing the compression quality of the transmission code. And now very popular aptX coding is achieved through this way to enhance. In simple terms, it is in the case of the same rate can bring better compression effect, so even if limited to the agreement, still able to improve the sound quality. AptX although improve the sound quality, but did beats by dre not do without loss, and loss of audio quality is still a gap.

Just before the Bluetooth 5.0 standard has also been released, is said to be in the transmission distance and speed to enhance, rather than the previous two generations, focusing on power control. Seemingly lossless Bluetooth lossless audio transmission is expected, but this is only a big premise, because in addition to the Bluetooth standard, but also need to follow up the relevant agreement. At the same time in the compression coding, support equipment, built-in DAC must also make the appropriate upgrade. From the high quality of the aptX coding gradually more manufacturers will be able to use it, Bluetooth audio equipment to achieve a comprehensive lossless transmission is a matter of time sooner or later.