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Why do many people like to wear headphones when running?

Life often see running people with headphones, especially in the US drama inside, it seems very popular. So many manufacturers also designed for this part of the crowd designed sports headphones. But why do many people like to run with headphones when running? For those who run for the year, their running is generally 5 km (3 miles) or more, this distance is generally about half an hour. In the course of running, in addition to running nothing else, obviously very monotonous, wearing headphones to listen to songs to enjoy the whole process, distracting, not so tired. Especially to listen to some rhythm strong, rhythmic music can also stimulate the running state, songs can run farther. After all, when a person can run the energy scattered, so that their attention will not focus on running, not as simple as running tired, of course, vary from person to person. Of course, some people in the running when wearing headphones feel bad results. Will feel listening to the concert will disrupt the rhythm of breathing, very noisy, just like there is a chatter next. When running into the state, feel that music is noisy, there is no thought to listen to music. Because they pay more attention to their breathing and footsteps, focus beats by dre on the state of the body, pay attention to a variety of information from the outside world. Listening to the music will disrupt the rhythm, hinder the perception of themselves and cheap beats headphones the outside world.

For such an exercise, they run only for the purpose of exercise, the pursuit of a sport regardless of what kind of point of view, beats solo as long as they like it? But it is worth noting that the headphones will be isolated from the external environment of the sound, So when wearing a headset to listen to music running, it is best to go to the park and beats solo the like no place to exercise, after all, the street is very low security, the air is also very fresh.