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Where is the potential of social smartphone?

Abroad there beats by dre cheap have been some innovative products in this area. In the fast follow-up of innovation is usually not behind the country, the author recently learned from a domestic manufacturers where they are working with an Internet business, plans to launch a smartphone with social elements of the product no one will deny that online music is a very Large market, but its manifestations in foreign countries mainly by the copyright side of the control (whether it is streaming media or iTunes sales model). In the country, due to the weak side of the copyright side, users and online music service providers can basically do whatever they want for music. This kind of phenomenon makes the types of music services very diverse, but most are free, the competition is also very intense, music services try every means to recruit more users, and create new sources.

In this era of intelligent hardware boom hit, how could the music industry be absent? So to join the smart and social elements of the ear becomes a great choice, and in this regard abroad has been able to recommend the product object, from the functional point of view, the biggest potential of social smart headphones access to music service providers and social networks , To strengthen the social properties of online music, while the social extension to the line; the other hand, its open API can bring more innovative features. If the first generation can be successful, the iteration of the imagination will be larger.