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What progress has been made in the Hi-Fi industry in recent years?

Hi-Fi in the field of digital audio playback technology beats solo in the huge progress Class D amplifier widely used Class D amplifier technology has matured in recent years, active monitoring speaker manufacturers have basically completed the upgrading of various products, and now you can see To the flagship monitor products are basically Class D amplifier. Class D amplifier benefits are obvious, and its efficiency far more than Class AB amplifier. However, due to a long time HIFI manufacturers and enthusiasts of the hobby, as well as Class D amplifier in the early existence of some problems, resulting in the field of HIFI D class amplifier has also been able to spread. Its sophistication and traditional power amplifier is very beats headphones on sale different. And the size of the small is simply incredible, for me a big square a square meters easily tens of thousands of burning friends this thing is simply a revolutionary product. Although in the foreseeable future, Class A amplifier is still able to occupy its unique tone of a country, but Class D amplifier from the high-end to the low-end market occupation beats by dre sale is inevitable.

The extensive use of FPGA technology makes HiFi level to mention a new height HiFi community successfully established a complete metaphysical system, the interpretation beats by dre wireless of what is the most powerful HiFi, HiFi to achieve the stage of perfection.