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What kind of music experience can the music player bring?

Talk about music, in your heart, what kind of music is considered a good music? Is your heart has been longing for that voice, is the sultry melody, or moving music details? But want to have better Music experience, you also need a high quality hifi player. Playback equipment, the most simple configuration is a front end and headphones. If the two are high quality, then they can play a good music? High-quality playback equipment, listening to music when the painting is like a magnifying glass. Front is the painting, the headset is a magnifying glass. Can be painted in a variety of strokes of the paint panoramic view, one by one of the paper and paper out of the texture, along the texture of the gully you can pursue the author's mood and mood. With the resolution to metaphor, then you like to see 2k 4k movie or 720P. A high-quality player, with enough thrust, can play the high quality of headphones. The most important is the power supply circuit design, high precision, low ripple, the output current is pure a white line, making the sound low noise, low interference, sound pure. In the processing of information, can be front-end fine digital signal amplified after the show. Vocal singing, can be the singer's voice, trembling, lips and teeth, male voice voiceless degree of the girl's feminine enchanting, this girl is not the difference between the female voice, voice and so on the details of the details of the show most vividly.

Pure music interpretation, the dynamic response of a rich sense of energy, transient response fast, accurate positioning. For the details of the performance of the instrument, the intensity of the playing of the instrument, the extension of the instrument dusk, the overtone, and so beats by dre on sale on can be truly preserved and perceived by you; the music in the classical music position, the sound field is vast, the organ of the ups and downs, Shock, are able to shock your heart, soaked your mood. Professional point of view, that is, high-frequency melodious, moderate frequency of natural, gentle voice has feelings, low-frequency strong, dynamic good; analytical good, more details, good sound separation, musical instruments and vocal position can be clearly resolved, and Do not interfere with each other; sound condensate, sound accurate, clean, not boring The amount of information is orderly, not confused.

Therefore, the quality of the player compared to the general and the player can respond to the amount of information more, the performance of the better, the details of the description of the more delicate, for the reduction of audio files closer to the real. If you want to enjoy the popular saliva song, then the advantages of HIFI player you may not hear any difference, but for the details of the requirements of more types of music, such as pure music, neo-classical, traditional classical music and pure sound fever disc, That is the HIFI player come into play. This is also some enthusiasts willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a set of HIFI equipment reasons.