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What is listening to speakers, why are their necessities

What is a monitor speaker?

Monitor speakers are used for listening to audiovisual rooms, recording rooms and other audio programs. It has a small distortion, frequency wide and straight, clear sound knot, the signal is rarely modified and other characteristics, so the most true to reproduce the original appearance of the sound.

Monitor speakers in the civilian areas are not very optimistic, on the one hand is that most people like to listen to the speaker after the exaggerated modified more pleasant sound, on the other hand this speaker is too expensive. The first aspect is actually a misunderstanding of the monitor speakers, that monitor the speaker is rational no flavor (we often say that the dye, dyeing). In fact, we should consider this problem from the source as a starting point. If the recording level is poor, even the singer is not how, so that the sound with the monitor speakers will not be nice to play. On the contrary, if the singer level and recording work is very good, then this kind of music using the monitor speakers to play back what will happen?

Obviously, the monitor is to faithfully restore the music producer's idea, you hear is that he wants you to hear. Of course, what equipment can not achieve 100% reduction, but try to avoid the sound and the big dynamic distortion is their pursuit of the goal.

What is the difference between a reference monitor and a normal monitor? It needs to be stable, reliable, widely accepted, and must have known controllable characteristics and performance, so that the sound engineer clearly grasp it in a particular listening position on the frequency response presented, and can this Curve calibration is straight enough. Only in this way can we be called on the reference level monitor speakers.

General speakers have some of their own characteristics, such as some of the more sweet voice, some relatively beats by dre studio refreshing, but as a recording of the monitor or require the original sound to reproduce the user, this is unacceptable, so they will use the monitor speakers, Generally more expensive than the same level of speakers.

Second, near the field monitor the origin of the speaker

Not many years ago, the sound engineer and producer still mostly rely on the large speakers embedded in the wall to listen to the recording, and the finished remake of the work again with cheap home speakers or car speakers repeatedly listen to the final amendment.

Because then the recording division that, if the quality of these speakers will not be released on the voice of the sound will be nice, then the finished product produced on the radio, or we can hear the streets everywhere in the business to play the feeling should also Do not have any problems. In other words, use low-quality speakers to simulate the beats by dre actual listening situation.

Later, for the sake of convenience, the recording studio began to use a small and cheap speakers, put them on the meter's meter (Meter Bridge), so the sound engineer can switch at any time embedded wall of the big speakers and this small Speakers to compare, gradually the recording division of this small speaker dependence is more and more heavy, and this small and cheap speaker, is the nearest speaker to listen to the speaker.

Since the use of such a large number of small speakers, the habit of monitoring also changed from the previous large-scale embedded wall speakers to record, mix, to use the wall-mounted speakers to record, and use a small speaker to mix sound. Although the big speakers in the frequency response and positioning are better than the small speakers, but there are still some recording division that they have unearthed from the advantages of small speakers, there will always be to replace the large Hi-Fi stereo speakers one day.

Facts have proved that they are not wrong, and today we can see most of the album is to use this improved small speakers, that is, the so-called near-field monitor speakers to complete, and large embedded wall speakers are only occasionally used To the producer to listen to, or in the album after the completion of the final test to use. The roles of both are ingenious.

Well-known speaker designer Ed Long is the first person to explain the role of this tone, Long observation and interpretation is:

The proximity of the loudspeaker is closer to the sound engineer, in other words, the amount of sound directly into the ear (Direct Sound) is much more cheap beats by dr dre than the amount of Reflect Sound that is reflected through the walls, floors, etc. The design avoids the vague sound caused by the reflection of the environment, that is, they can express the details of the music, and because of their sound pressure (SPL) is usually low, so you can avoid listening to the hearing caused by hearing fatigue.

From this we can learn that the sound engineer sitting in beats by dre cheap the speaker of the "near field" in order to hear the superior, clear music, so the so-called near-field monitor speakers, the name has actually described the listening to this speaker The basic need to pay attention to the place.