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Wearing ear headphones will wear the ear canal

Restlessness always stay up all night, work pressure big mood anxiety. Like to wear ear headphones fitness, large volume of songs. Like to dig ears, always feel that ear feces is not clean. If you have one of the above habits, please immediately correct, otherwise, your ears may have to suffer. Workplace pressure big ear disease to be vigilant when wearing the ear headphones to listen to songs can not filter some of the ears can filter some high-frequency sound, zoom in some low-frequency sound, with multiple protection, in-ear headphones bypass these protection directly Give the impact of the eardrum, "if the volume is transferred to a large, will directly cause hearing loss."

A little knowledge of the ears of the ear with a single ear Bluetooth beats headphones cheap headset call, will lead to left and right ear hearing imbalance? will not. Daily call volume is not large, the use of monaural Bluetooth headset will not affect the hearing. Some people think that dig ear is very comfortable, like to use cotton swab in the ears to turn the kind of "rumbling" friction sound. In fact, dig ear is a bad habit, if often stimulate the external auditory canal, not only will cause external auditory canal damage, but also lead to increased earwax and oil secretion. The earwax is beats by dre a mixture of the glandular beats by dre gland secretions in the ear canal and the epithelium of the external auditory canal. Some people have more glands and sebaceous glands secretions, resulting in the discharge of the earwax was brown, oily viscous material (medically known as "oil earwax"), which is a genetic decision, not a disease.

Oil cerumen if it does not affect life, placed regardless of the natural air will be discharged from the ear canal. If you mind, you can take a bath, shampoo, while the ear canal when the use of soft cotton swabs, wipe in the external auditory canal, should not force friction or take the ear beats headphones cheap scoop hard scraping.