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Wake your ears, to enjoy a hearing!

Spring all things recovery, but also belong to the music of the carnival, a variety of music festivals have been sailing concert is also in full swing, but if you can not personally listen to a concert at the scene, then beats by dre on sale it is not a bit sorry? Then in these high quality sound and headphones wake up your ears! Mini Rotary Speaker Wireless Bluetooth transmission technology, high-speed stable wireless data transmission, strong anti-interference, whether indoor or outdoor can be easily used, so you enjoy the pleasure of wireless music playback experience, compatibility and body, Flat can be compatible Oh! Cartoon creative mini small sound clever combination of cartoon dolls and sound together, so that a doll Bluetooth sound to be presented, accompanied by the shape of Meng Meng, colorful, comfortable material, give you completely different music to beats solo listen to the feeling, Small body large volume, support for Bluetooth connection, hand and head can be flexible changes. Wireless headset headset charging time is short, endurance, can answer the phone; assembly: card - FM radio - plug the audio line to use - Bluetooth docking in one multi-functional Bluetooth headset; strong compatibility: compatible mobile phone, tablet / notebook Computer, smart TV with Bluetooth function / smart TV box.

Heavy bass headphones A headphones that enjoy hearing, perfect presentation of the sound you want, is definitely a fever level sound, for music and sound, let you listen to songs have a clear sound quality, shock bass to you nice; Michael can talk and listen to a movie when you click to answer the phone. Small iron guns are very feel, texture, heavy, stereo high quality, sound quality is not any noise is very dynamic, really worthy of a small sound, Family party or travel play must have a Oh! Ice Age Acorns sound like a nut design, can be used as a pendant portable Bluetooth speakers, compact and portable, from the Danish professional speaker parts, loud and clear, beats by dre sale with a strong sense of balance! Also built a microphone, you can answer the phone smart! Wireless Bluetooth small speakers German quality! Dual speakers, dual power, subwoofer effect more shocking 3D stereo more realistic! HIFI high-definition, hundred yuan machine thousand yuan sound quality. But also to support NFC, radio, touch buttons, tumbler design, U disk, etc. do not have these features Oh!