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Treatment of headphone cable disconnection

Headphones in a long time after use is prone to headphone cable disconnection and other issues, headphone disconnection generally occurs in the headset plug, headphone sub-line and headphone unit outlet and other parts.

Headphone plug, when the headset is in bad contact. There is a reaction at the plug that is broken here. Cut the headset line from here. And then stripped to find the broken parts of the line, the core cut neatly. Line a total of four were left channel, left channel, right channel, right channel, with color to be distinguished. For the plug is the three-pole left and right channel of the ground is connected together. Headphones outside the package with insulating paint, so the direct test is not measured with the table, should be given to the wire head tin. The specific method of operation is, first coated with rosin or solder paste on the line, and then dip with tin iron until the solder line will be infiltration. And then it is best to open the headset with the table to measure the four lines to check the other broken line. If the normal description of this cheap beats by dre only one break.

And then the head of the ear head of the soft sleeve peeled off the set on the line, the plug behind the hard plastic with a blade cut, Lu out of the solder joints. And then the line one by one welding up. Generally two to welding in the thickest part of the right channel welding in the middle, left channel welding in the thinnest parts. Generally two yellow lines are ground, red line is the right channel, green line is the left channel. Of course there are exceptions, it is best to open the unit to measure it. After welding, check to prevent short circuit. And then try to plug in the machine. With their own familiar songs (to distinguish between the left and right channels of the song). If the anti, then it will change the left and right for the two lines (the middle and the thinnest on the line), and then confirm the implementation of the band after the test.

First with a white plastic tape bandage a few laps, the thickness should be able to plug into the soft sleeve. Pay attention to the line and the head bandaged together. Then glue the tape with 502 glue to make it stronger. At this point you can use the vise to wrap the cloth beats by dre sale at the folder. And then painted in the above 704 plastic, into the soft can be. A good process can not see the whole move hands beats by dre sale and feet. To be dry after the use of dry.