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To wear headphones for infants Be careful of hearing loss

The film "Speed ??and Passion 8" once again confirms this "wild theorem". Because drag racing is too fast and lead to hair loss hero hero Dome, with only one year old baby son driving a warm scene, said Meng turned a lot of viewers glass heart. However, there are users questioned, Dome in order to coax his son happy, to the Meng baby "wearing headphones to play music" is not Kaopu behavior.

Give your child a headset to listen to music, although the child may be as quiet as possible, but may pay the cost of hearing impairment. However, there are also careful users pointed out that Dum to the children may be wearing a special noise-free headphones for infants and young children, especially suitable for use in aircraft and other large noise environment.

"Quiet chicken" painless infants and young children hearing loss

Infants and young children feel bored, the surrounding adults will collapse the world. When the child is crying, there are many people who want to play the music, the story to transfer the child's attention.

Maybe some novice dad does not agree: "to the children wearing headphones to listen to music and stories, will hurt hearing?

The film in the multi-son to listen to the son of the cartoon "mouse to treasure" movie episode "Chipmunks song", this song is actually "quite noisy". Children, especially infants and young beats by dre children are most vulnerable to noise pollution caused by hearing groups, sudden sound, have disturbed the noise, may be deprived of hearing the culprit. Infants and young children are often in the absence of painful performance of the case, hearing "chicken" to decline.

Ears from the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear composition. The outer ear includes the ear, the external auditory canal and the tympanic membrane. Ear, external auditory canal collection of sound waves, and the sound waves spread to the tympanic membrane. Tympanic membrane through the vibration, the movement into the middle ear of the ossicular chain, and then through the fine ossicular chain will be the vibration into the inner ear. Therefore, the outer ear and middle ear are collectively referred to as the transmitter. The inner ear is the auditory sensory organ, consisting of semicircular canal and cochlear. The cochlea is filled with liquid that imparts vibrations to hair cells, which are converted from hair cells to audiologically acceptable electrochemical signals. Stimulate the auditory nerve, the formation of nerve impulses and into the brain. At this time, the nerve impulses are transformed into the sounds we hear.

Baby listening to music remember to turn down the volume

In the past, the main reason for the damage caused by noise in the inner beats by dre cheap ear was mechanical injury, but the new population data and a large number of animal experiments showed that hair cells on the cochlea were the key to hearing impairment. Zhang Guanping stressed that hair cells are not renewable, out of a less one. And the high-decibel voice will over-stimulate the children's inner ear weak but very sophisticated "sensor receiver" - hair cells. Once they are damaged, they will no longer be able to send the sound to the brain.

The film's son is only one year old, his hearing organs are in the development stage, but also very fragile. At this time put on a stereo headphones to listen to music, sound pressure directly to the very thin tympanic membrane to stimulate the auditory organs, so that abnormal excitement, long-term use easily lead to hearing fatigue, damage to the auditory organs.

Therefore, when the baby to enjoy the stereo music, be sure to beats by dre adjust the volume smaller, so that they listen for a while to rest for a while. Doctors do not recommend giving beats by dre babies with headphones to listen to music.