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Three strokes teach you how to choose the most suitable for your own headphones

In the earphone industry, many people are more blind, will be superficial that the more expensive the better the headset, but including a lot of burning has been a long time the same friends will have a variety of problems so today with the question asked to see In the end how to choose the most suitable for their own headphones first according to the different effects on the sound, the impedance size is different, "the earphone impedance is the simplest role is the smaller the headphone impedance, headphones easier to drive, The greater the sound. "So in the end how to choose it? What is the impedance is actually the damping of alternating current only, in general, the smaller the impedance, the more easy to headphones, the more easily driven. General headphone impedance in the high frequency of the largest, so the performance of low frequency for the case of most of the headphones, the increase in output impedance will make the sound darker and more mixed (at this time the power amplifier on the headphone drive unit control will become weak) , But some of the headphones need to be better in the high impedance. If the headphones are sharp and harsh, consider increasing the effective output impedance of the headphone jack; if the headphones are dim and turbo and driven by a power amplifier, consider reducing the effective output resistance.

Then how to choose the general headphone impedance at the lowest frequency. This is a good understanding of the low-frequency sound field to start all the headphones diaphragm only bass the feeling, so the use of the source of low-frequency attenuation is more obvious. So we buy the headphones if there is listening to bass when the thrust is insufficient, it represents the source of the maximum distortion without a critical point. When we use a slightly larger source (iPod, mobile phone, MP4) in the drive 32 ~ 50 anti-ear machine when there is no pressure in the purchase of headphones as long as the attention of its impedance is roughly this range just fine. For most headphones, other physical components in the case beats by dre wireless of the same increase in output impedance will make the sound more vigorous, which is a lot of high-end headset impedance reasons. But the greater the impedance does not mean that the sound quality of the headset will be better, the relationship between the high school mathematics language is called unnecessary. In turn, the advantage of low-impedance headphones is the high efficiency of sound generation, but the low impedance is detrimental to performance. Because in the same case, the lower the impedance, the stronger the sensitive control of the desired source. With a very small current put all the headset units are driven up, headphones sound quality dive cheap beats will appear lack of space.

Different impedance depends on the different occasions in the daily life of some professional headphone impedance and beats headphones even more than 200 ohms, which is in order to match the professional machine headphone jack, this time if the use of low-impedance headphones, we must first reduce the volume and then plug Headphones, and then a little bit of the tune up to prevent headphones overload the headset burnout or voice coil deformation caused by broken sound broken. Careful friends will find that when you plug the headphone plug into the open power amp, you will hear the noise of the current shock. Whether the player can drive the power of the headset is generally called the thrust, we can not ask some of the small size of the Walkman equipment can provide much thrust. If we use a headset obvious sound turbidity, treble collapse, the sound field is not enough to feel the source of cheap beats the power source is not enough to cause. So it is recommended that you buy headphones, the first should look at their front-end player's ability, and then decide what to buy headphones