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There is a freedom to let the music wantonly flying

For many people, listening to music is a very personal thing, bring headphones, zoom in, immerse yourself in the world, but for me, music can be particularly private and can be beats by dre cheap very open. Do not think that listening to music must be wearing a headset must be connected to a variety of complex lines of the speaker, I hope it can be a more simple and more free way to listen, as long as I think, wonderful music should be filled in every corner . Also when I read the music to listen to music and no special equipment, in addition to mp3 and other portable devices, at home is nothing more than the use of computer external audio to put music. Of course, in their own room can be self, but if running To beats by dre studio the living room may open another set of sound, and trouble not to say, every time to open the computer to operate all kinds of remote control to listen to music this setting, how can I make a just want to quietly listen to music People do it

So since the wireless Bluetooth speakers turned out, I still decided to give up the use of computers to listen to music this trouble in the connection, the Bluetooth speakers than with the computer or ordinary active speakers to connect a lot easier, as long as the use of Mobile phone and speaker pair can play music.However, connected to the phone's Bluetooth speaker is equal to the phone's loudspeaker, so when I was immersed in the music, the sudden call to the ring or some other no push message will be strong Inserted in, the fluency of the music was interrupted do not say, the mood has also been destroyed, especially the news came one after another, there is no longer continue to listen to music mood.

For the increasingly busy city people, the pressure of work and study can make us breathe, and perhaps only music can soothe our increasingly tired body and soul.Even if you are rented in a less than ten square meters Small room, but also hope that at least in this side of heaven and earth, to quietly enjoy the fun of music. Apply a word, the house can be rented, but life is not, so to enjoy life, you can first change Listen to cheap beats by dr dre music the way to start it