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The sound characteristics of the various sound cells of the loudspeaker unit

The difference between the material used in the loudspeaker system and the manufacturing process will have an effect on the sound quality. In contrast, the quality of the loudspeaker unit is the key, and the final speaker is the loudspeaker unit. All the sound comes from this, and if the loudspeaker unit sounds Not ideal, then the speaker and then how to modify and make up can not play a big role. After more than 100 years of development, the speaker unit has very obvious changes in material selection, process flow and structure, ancient paper pots, modern synthetic plastics, and high-cost titanium diaphragm, there are very good sound characteristics Big difference, the same is the advantages and disadvantages. This is the most common speaker diaphragm material, age, now has a very mature technical standards. The pulp into a well-designed mold, dry and then a series of follow-up processing, we formed a common speaker unit diaphragm. This is just a basic process description, as the proportion of material beats by dre composition, processing methods, each brand has its own secrets, which of course is the livelihood of the business secrets.

The sound characteristics of the cone are relatively smooth and natural, in line with the taste of most people, the sound will not have a distinctive part of the stimulus. Due to the intertwining of the internal fibers, the energy in the transmission process can be quickly absorbed, so the damping characteristics of the cone are also ideal. In addition, due to the lighter weight of the cone, the energy conversion efficiency is also a good performance, these are the advantages of the cone.

However, the drawbacks of the cone are obvious. First, due to the characteristics of the material, the cone is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and the environmental changes may have an impact on the sound. After several changes in these extreme environments, The basin produces irreversible deformation. However, the current cone technology is also evolving, by adding other materials can make the cone in the waterproof characteristics of a better performance.

Plastic diaphragm

This is also one of the common material of the cone, in the chemical industry developed today, synthetic materials have appeared in all aspects of life. Unit diaphragm said plastic material, generally made of polypropylene material, referred to as PP sound basin. Compared to the cone, PP cone in the moisture-proof effect of many excellent, but will also be a slight impact.

As a result beats by dre of synthetic materials, PP sound basin improvement program is a lot, on the basis of the existing, can overcome some of the deficiencies and improvements, by adding other materials to achieve, which is PP cone more ideal, so the use of PP sound Pot of speakers, the same lack of outstanding works.

PP sound pot also has excellent damping characteristics, listen to the sense of soft and natural, and other PP sound basin in general do not need too high frequency divider, which can also control the overall production costs of the speaker. The shortcomings, PP sound pots relative to the general performance of high frequency richer music is not suitable, prone to distortion.

Metal diaphragm

Due to the presence of many precious metals, people may have a kind of worship of metal, from the current contact with the product point of view, the general metal material to give noble style, personality feel the noise, and in fact, in the speaker unit production, metal vibration The membrane is also common, and the voices are distinctive.

Metal diaphragm is generally made of aluminum or its alloy material, relative to other metal stability, lighter weight. Metal diaphragm excellent rigidity, so the dynamic and analytical performance of the outstanding, and can be a good control of distortion. But we often say that the "metal sound" is produced by the high-frequency side of the basin split phenomenon, this is a metal diaphragm of a shortcoming.

Compared to other non-metallic beats by dre wireless diaphragm, the metal diaphragm is relatively heavy, and the damping characteristics are not good, so the unit drive and control is not easy, which requires the speaker in the circuit needs more design, the cost will The promotion. The "metal sound" problem, now mostly through the diaphragm surface using a special coating to enhance the way.

Synthetic fiber diaphragm

Synthetic fiber diaphragm may be able to find a variety of characteristics of the diaphragm material, this material from the aviation military materials transplanted, with high strength and rigidity, and its own light weight, these advantages are extremely suitable as a unit diaphragm. Due to the high manufacturing cost, this diaphragm is generally seen in high-level speakers.

Then the synthetic fiber is not perfect, the cost is on the one hand, in addition to the damping characteristics, synthetic fiber diaphragm still need to strengthen the current sandwich or coating and other treatment is still the first choice, but the process requirements are particularly high, the cost has gone up The

to sum up:

The four diaphragms described above cover almost the currently visible speaker products, but the type of diaphragm is definitely not only of these, graphite fiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber, bakelite, woven fabric, bulletproof cloth and other materials are also applied to the unit Diaphragm body.