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The phone needs a best companion

A stylish appearance, excellent performance of the headset is now the influx of the necessary artifact, needless to say you are shopping or fitness exercise, and even now the stars come red carpet headphones have become an important fashion elements. So, what are the low-cost, high-quality headphones? 1. Why burn machine for many headphones, the beginning of the use of headphones can only reach its seven strength, and some high-end headphones and even five points are not. "Burning machine" is necessary, it can to a certain extent, accelerate the maturity of the headset to play out the sound characteristics should be. The new headset products due to diaphragm folding machine mechanical compliance is not good, so the distortion will be larger. After a period of time after use, compliance will gradually become better, the distortion will gradually reduce to a reasonable level, the sound of all aspects will reach a more comfortable level, loose how many burning machine

Burning machine specific steps: 1. Shujin. Use the volume of one-third of the normal volume to drive the headphones for 12 hours; Use the normal listening intensity of two-thirds of the volume drive headphones 12 hours; 3. martial arts. Use the normal listening intensity to drive headphones 72 hours; 4. Use the normal listening intensity of three-fourths of the volume drive headphones 24 hours; 5. debut. Into the normal use phase.

It should be noted that the headset every time burning machine should not be too long, continuous work after a period of time need to let cheap beats by dre the headset to rest and then continue. Because the sound source there is a resistance, work for a long time will be hot, serious will burn the voice coil. Note: the beginning of burning machine when the volume is not too easy, the normal volume can be. Because the headphones of the diaphragm is relatively fragile material, the beats headphones volume is too large to make beats solo the voice coil travel is also large, pulling the diaphragm movement will cause the release of the voice coil and diaphragm flat or even tear and beats headphones so on. Do not underestimate the volume when burning headphones, it is essential for burning headphones, if the pot is not good may cause physical damage to the headset, such as power overload, the amplitude is too large lead to film damage and other physical damage, such damage Is hard to fix.

If not burn machine is also possible, in the daily use of songs in the running headphones, but will be more long to achieve the full development of the headset.