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The most flat quality upgrade! Headset glue, ear cotton and two plastic

Everyday listen to the song to have a better tone, many people will first consider buying DAP player, or for a pair of pretty sound headphones, after buying will consider adding accessories, including DAC decoding, ear expansion and a variety of wire The But now the ear-style earphone players, may ignore a small change, a big improvement in the upgrade - earplugs, a pair of small ear glue, the change may be more than you invest thousands of dollars of wire rods have to stick, now And Xiaobian together to see what to buy the ear glue to pay attention to it

Try to bring the original factory, different sizes of ear glue and ear cotton

Full of joy to buy a pair of in-ear headphones, of course, want to immediately open the box to listen to songs, but in fact, before the official start to use, the first incident with all the earplugs try again, is the right way. Many players do not pay attention to this problem, only with pre-installed in the headset of a pair of earplugs, to the sound of the headphones for the performance of the conclusion. But in fact, whether it is a few hundred dollars or over ten thousand yuan in ear headphones, as long as your beats by dre earplugs do not fit your ears, as can be difficult to output the sound of ear. So cheap beats headphones in any hardware, accessories before the upgrade, first in the original forest included in the total ear, among the best pair of your ear ear / ear cotton bar.

Earplugs can be divided into two major categories of ear glue and ear cotton, the former and then subdivided silicone earplugs, double plastic, three plastic, etc.

Carefully try different sizes of earplugs have a great impact on the sound

I wonder if you put on cheap beats by dre a pair of newly bought headphones, will try to feel the sound thin and sharp, no low frequency, and therefore doubt the headphone unit is damaged, or their own DAP drive it? In fact, the new machine "floor", in addition to take some time to let the unit Run-in, the size of the earplugs can fully fit your ear canal, will listen to the sound has a great impact. Now the general in-ear headphones, will be attached to three to four different sizes of silicone earplugs, "selling big bags" will be added to double plastic, three plastic, cotton, etc., but in the end how to know which pair What is the size of the earplugs?

If you find that earplugs can be pushed into the ear canal, but there are still missing, there is no sense of fullness, it is likely to use the ear is too small. On the contrary, if the earplugs can not deep into the ear canal, or even very easy to fall, then on behalf of the earplug size is too large. beats by dre cheap If the earplugs are too large or too small, there will be a "leak" situation, so that the sound of the sound greatly reduced.