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The most drastic behavior: wearing an ear headphones when driving the window

In the past, in the impression that working noise is the culprit leading to hearing impairment, a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that noise in modern life is more severe. The United States CDC survey found that 53% of adults with hearing impairment were not exposed to severe working noise, and more causes were a variety of noise in life, and more than 85 dB would hurt hearing The For example, car noise (80 dB, sustained exposure to hearing), blower (90 dB, exposure to 2 hours will cause hearing impairment), sporting events (100 dB, 14 minutes to hear hearing), rock concert (110 dB, 2 Minute to listen to hearing) and siren (120 dB, 1 minute to damage the hearing).

1. often wear ear headphones. This is the most common "hearing thief". According to incomplete statistics, subway and bus background noise of 70 decibels, in noisy environment, people will not consciously improve the headset volume, causing some damage to the hearing. It is recommended to choose earmuffs headphones, in the bus, subway and other noisy environment is best not to wear headphones to listen to music.

2. often go to KTV, nightclubs. As the noisy environment in the background noise decibel very high, KTV, bar and other background noise can be as high as 110 dB, can instantly "steal" people's hearing. It is recommended to avoid in the noisy environment for a long time to stay, or wear anti-noise earplugs.

3. floor to live high. The ground noisy, "beat beats solo sound" effect, resulting in high-level indoor noise is also larger, should reduce the window or standing anti-noise earplugs.

4. Open the windows when driving. The wind noise when driving the car and the traffic noise when the car is slow will damage the hearing. The wind noise may be more than 100 decibels when driving, which is a great deal of hearing damage. In addition, the loud whistle, the car a large volume of songs, etc., will also cause damage to the ears. It is recommended in the car during the process, try to close the window, the music volume too much.

5. bad habits. Many people blow your nose when you blow your nose and hold your nose on both sides. I do not know this will make the nose burst like "burst into" the middle ear, so that the middle of the mouth organs "drowning", leading to hearing impairment. In addition, some improper dig ear habits, such as issuing cards and other sharp objects dig ear, may cause tympanic membrane perforation, serious injury hearing; with no poisoning digging ear spoon dig ear may cause external auditory canal inflammation.