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The Mechanism of Action of Headphone

The instantaneous stroke of the headphone diaphragm makes the air vibrate, so that beats by dre studio the sound of the treble is the smallest, but the frequency is the highest, the bass is the largest, but the frequency is the lowest. So from the physical structure, the headset diaphragm is a pair of contradictory body, the need to create high-frequency hard and easy to deformation of the material, and want to get a good low-frequency and rubber and similar to the need for good deformation of the recovery of the material, It is impossible to put two sound units into the inside, which is subject to the material process restrictions. We can note that the headphones open after the diaphragm coil is divided into two parts of the center and around the voice coil around the diaphragm will usually have some oblique stripes, from the physical point of view, this can improve the material For example, you put a piece cheap beats headphones of paper in the middle of the two bowls, you then put a chopstick up, will certainly fall, but if you turn the paper in the positive and negative direction several times, like Folding the same fan, and then along the vertical direction in the fold line up, you will find that a piece of paper can now bear the weight of even two chopsticks. Back to the diaphragm up, why the edge of the diaphragm to make this shape it, no doubt to improve the resistance of the entire diaphragm resistance, as a unit structure, the voice coil in the current through the vibration, the central part Of the type of change than the edge of the large, that is, most of the bass is produced by the center, and then by the center of the pits on the hole after the introduction of the box, the clutter and then reflected by the stomatal headphones to the outside. So most of the treble is actually supported by the edge of the entire diaphragm produced! Because in the high frequency, the center of the diaphragm because of the design of the reasons for high frequency and no change, and the edge of the structure because of the strengthening of the area is limited, can produce a good high-frequency vibration effect at this point with the box Body speaker sound principle is exactly the opposite! Box on the unit under the bass, you can see the edge of the violent vibration, the middle part of the smallest, that is from the central part of the outward, the amplitude from small to large, and the headset unit from the center out, The This is actually a very bold, but very perfect solution! Big speakers on the unit, you can pay attention to, the voice coil will not be great, and in the headset, the voice coil cheap beats by dr dre area of ??the diaphragm than the circle outside the large, so the central part of the soft side, in the voice coil Under the leadership can do a larger amplitude of the action, and the edge part, is suitable for some high frequency of movement.

A good headset, relying on beats headphones cheap accurate physical acoustics design, which also includes good material science, so it is not what we imagined so simple, including the choice of what the damping coefficient of the shock film material, how much area, voice coil The diameter of the wire, the diameter of the voice coil, the size of the rear box, what shape, caliber, and only these problems can be very good science to solve, in order to make a good sound quality headset products.