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The history of headphones

I believe that the headset is already a necessity in everyone's life, a person on the road, or in the office, wearing headphones listening to the song is a very pleasant thing, do not affect other people, you can freely immersed in their own world. However, some people know that the earliest headphones look like it? Follow Xiao Bian together to see the evolution of headphones history it!

1881 headphones and music has nothing to do In the 1880s, the world's first deputy headphones were born, but it is not a relationship with the music, it is born for the communication. Use the need to weigh a few pounds of headphones in the shoulder, like a speaker on the shoulder put a speaker. 1895 hand-held headphones to 1895, people began to listen to music in the home headphones. But this looks like the headphones are now used to face-lift face-lift, there are wood?

1910 first modern headset In this year, Nathaniel Baldwin in his own kitchen made the first batch of modern headphones and sold to the US Navy. This pair of headphones also began to look a little modern headset. And Baldwin may only make money, forget to apply for a patent. 1949 AKG's first headset This is focused on the film equipment industry AKG jumped out of the line this year, began to turn to audio-visual equipment, and design and production of their first modern headset K120.

In 1958 the first stereo headphones John C. Koss created the world's first stereo headphones Koss SP-3, and in the next ten years beats earphones it dominated the headset market. 1959 first electrostatic headset The world's first electrostatic headset SR-1 appeared in Tokyo, Japan, launched by the Stax. Compared to moving coil headphones, static headphones sound more delicate, not so distorted

1968 Koss's first electrostatic headset Koss launched the first US-made electrostatic headset ESP-6 after ten years of launching the first stereo headset. The phone weighs 0.9 kg, at least better than the previous shoulder-style speakers. 1979 Sony Walkman came to talk about the big events in the history of the headset, had to mention the emergence of Sony Walkman (Walkman). Suddenly, such as spring night, filled with headphones are wearing young people, fashion and proud arrogance!