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The correct way to wear headphones, headphones how to wear well and comfortable

In fact, a long time wearing a headset is a damage to the eardrum, especially those who do not pay attention to the way people are particularly prone to problems. Headphones can be divided into in-ear headphones and non-in-ear headphones, ear-style headphones is the need to insert the headphones into the ear inside, like some of the cork, completely enclosed in the inside. Rather than in-ear style earphone is hanging on the edge of the ear, do not need to insert into the inside. These two headphones do not seem to have much difference, in fact, they produce the effect is completely different. So the next Xiaobian to come for everyone to introduce the details of the correct way to wear headphones.

Wearing a headset is not a simple headset into the ear can be, and this matter need to choose the appropriate method. First of all to insert the ear gently into the ear, and then slightly to the inside to push a little, hand to expand the ear sleeve, so that the ear can be closed. With the left ear, you can use the right hand to seize the left ear earrings, so that the ear canal widened, then you can gently push the earmet into the ear canal, wait until the sealed place to stop. And then put beats by dre on sale down the earrings, so that the ears in a natural state. Of course the right ear steps are the same on the left side. Because some of the in-ear headphones volume is very large, so we listen to the time as much as possible to adjust the volume to a very small state, and then according to the need to increase the volume on it, so the protection of the ear will be much better The Many people in order to pursue a good effect, often choose some earmuffs for supporting use. And most of the in-ear style ear models and materials are different, so the choice of earmuffs are also a lot of species. Common by the plastic sleeve, foam sets, and the model, the best choice at the beginning of the medium to try the effect, and then you can adjust their own according to the specific circumstances.

Above the headset said the correct way to wear, then Xiaobian to talk about to wear headphones need to pay attention to what the problem. Wear earphone time is best not more than an hour, so the damage to the eardrum is very large, and in the choice of headphones when wearing the best choice when the headset, rather than the ear. In the control of the volume of the best not to exceed the maximum volume of 60%, there is as much as possible in some relatively quiet environment to listen to music, or will affect the playback effect.