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Teach you to pick a beats headphones good headset

Many people say that I do not have that spirit of the ear, why do you want to spend so expensive to buy a pair of headphones. In fact, the consequences of long-term use of poor quality headphones are immeasurable. Headset damage caused by hearing is permanent. Not malicious attacks on certain brands, but like Beats such headphones, for their own product positioning, the first is the light luxury brand. In other words, the same price of the headset, this type of brand, cost is not high. Because they are the main brand image, music quality is second. According to their own economic strength in the network to do homework, select your favorite brand, model. Some forums and paste it inside the evaluation, are very helpful. Comfort is very important. Whether ear, hanging ear, or headset. First of all, the first thing to try is comfort.

Second, listen to the time, you can hear the tri-band and you use the headset before the effect of comparison. If the sound source itself is rough sound quality ... that may beats earphones have to do a music package. Sound field, spatial sense, balance, particles, sound and dynamic can be as your ears gradually sensitive and included in the comparison beats by dre ranks. Because the new headphones, inside the winding coil, magnets, and some crossover and other components are all new, and the coil is mostly copper material, after a period of time to open the resonance push-pull more smoothly. But for low-end headphones, the pot is not a big difference to burn a year.

First of all, the headset does not hurt the ear, only the level of different ears. Earphones are, to some extent, soundproofing is better than headphones.

A scientific study in the UK shows that wearing a headphones beats headphones for a long time can lead to deafness 30 years ahead of time. To protect the ears, or do not open the headphones too loud, with headphones to listen to music or foreign language should pay attention to control the volume, it is best to keep the 40-60 dB do not listen for a long time, the use of headphones every day no more than 3-4 Hour, and intermittent listening is appropriate, the best half an hour to let the ears rest for a while; pay attention to keep the headset clean.