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Taste notes touch, headset enthusiasts you need to amp

Open the phone and MP3 which music, those who are familiar with the melody, in fact, not listen, but listen to the hearts of moving, we always read in the busy, music is like the beauty of the road, so you immersed in the melody. Every love of music, will sound the sound of the original voice of the pursuit, that strong appeal, to stimulate your music energy, beats headphones such as alcohol, like the remorse of the wine. For people who like music, from the standard headphones, to the beginning of the iron step by step too. The output of the phone can no longer keep up with the picky ears, headphone amplifier (decoder) is to solve this demand. Release the headset's potential, feel more real, more details. Aluminum alloy shell, by increasing the gloss and texture to make the appearance of Apple equipment complement each other. Products using a clip-type design, can be directly powered by the iOS device power supply, reducing the cheap beats by dre battery into the overall body more compact. Product back to increase the entrainment design, easy to carry hanging carry.

As a high-end crowd beats by dre wireless to use the product, all the headset decoder to provide nearly 10 million times the stability of life, thanks to the use of gold-plated beats by dre ic Block and Ina capacitor, with high life at the same time, providing clean and high Of the current output. Built-in lithium battery for the 225mw thrust to provide 16 hours of decoding playback. As a portable style, the body structure to be redesigned, the thickness of only 15 mm, the weight of less than 1 kg.