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Talk about the price only talk about the sound quality of these earplugs beats earphones you worth buying

There are many people think HiFi headset is only high prices, the sound may not be proportional to the price. In fact, there may be individual headphones will appear in the above situation, most of the HiFi headphones or the price gap will be faithfully reflected in the sound performance. So the major headset brand's flagship headset will sell very expensive. For high-end headphones, the price is not there, high-end headphones is the pursuit of the ultimate voice performance, so if you are willing to enjoy the top quality, and willing to spend money for such a voice, then these headphones will not beats by dre wireless let you down. Especially for earplugs products, so small products to sell thousands of dollars, some people may not worth it, but when you heard after you will find, is indeed a penny goods. Tesla technology to magnet around the periphery of the voice coil, so that the diaphragm can directly get more drive energy, and cavity resonance to a minimum, which greatly enhance the sound beats by dre cheap playback level, with the traditional moving unit natural, mellow Sound quality characteristics, and with the ordinary moving coil, moving iron earplugs unit has a greater detail and dynamic performance. Very good sound performance, trips are extremely balanced, high frequency smooth, moderate frequency, low frequency surging strong, regardless of the type of music can be done handy. The weight of the Ephesus is also very light, 7 grams of weight to wear light if nothing, ear sets beats headphones cheap also used unconventional shallow ear type, but the sound is very good, suitable for long wear.

Vocal cue accurate, the distance is moderate, more warm, but the control of the teeth or slightly worse. SPHEAR low-frequency performance is very good, texture and feel good, dive deep, full of flexibility, surrounded by a very good feeling, the overall clean, do not drag the water. Wire with a flat design, a good way to prevent the occurrence of winding trouble. This earplug comes with a variety of different materials, earplugs, the user can choose according to their needs.

In the performance of the sound, this section of the low-frequency earplugs have a certain ability to dive, high-frequency sound melodious nature, the overall resolution of the full. And with the microphone so that this ear is more suitable for use with mobile phones, is a very atmospheric luxury high-end earplugs products.