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Talk about the difference between car headset and ordinary Bluetooth headset!

Bluetooth headset wireless convenience in recent years to get people's favorite, for the general public, no matter what kind of headphones in fact little difference, but the market is still a wide range of goods often make everyone in the choice of Bluetooth headset when made a difficult The So how to determine what kind of Bluetooth headset is the most suitable for their own? Popular Bluetooth headset has a lot of classification, sub-categories include sports Bluetooth headset, business Bluetooth headset, music Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset camera and car Bluetooth headset and so on. Here I am in accordance with the use of Bluetooth headset can be roughly divided into two categories, one is the ordinary Bluetooth headset, including sports, business, music and camera type of Bluetooth headset, the other is the car Bluetooth headset. Car Bluetooth headset focused on the use of a group of people (owners), but the general Bluetooth headset and not too many people, the use of the target population is not very different. Whether it is for sports or business or home use, the basic functions of the same. Such as lossless music MP3 player, call broadcast, Bluetooth connection and so on is enough. For the owner, these features are mostly tasteless function, usually applied to the scene is not much, and car Bluetooth headset to take into account the safety factors on the Bluetooth headset requirements are relatively high. In the owner of the ordinary Bluetooth headset can not meet or apply to use when driving. For example, when driving the driver to use the phone is a very dangerous thing, not only will distract the driver's attention, but also greatly extended people's response time. This problem may be a good Bluetooth headset can be a good solution, but not all Bluetooth headset can be used in the car, in some cases even more than one-handed mobile phone to bring greater security risks and hazards. beats headphones Such as one hand full hands-free, no privacy at all; Bluetooth headset forget to charge, call embarrassment; car finishing is not in place, Bluetooth headset easy to lose; poor ergonomic design, wear uncomfortable and so on! Car Bluetooth headset focus on the owner of safe driving, and ultimately to achieve the liberation of both hands, refused to external factors. Then the owner how to choose the appropriate practical car Bluetooth headset it! What is the car headset in the car owners need what kind of function! Car Bluetooth headset difference with the ordinary Bluetooth headset is the following:

First, the car headset Bluetooth headset fixed. Owners with headphones in the car must have a fixed position, which can effectively prevent the driver when driving can not find the headset lead to distraction driving. General Bluetooth headset will be set in the cigarette lighter position, insert the car cigarette lighter car can be used to start, with the use of charge, the driver line of sight and location are more appropriate.

Second, the car Bluetooth headset often need to have a more comfortable wearing environment. Generally use the side of the ear can be more to fit the ear canal, to ensure long wear can not afford, in addition to the material also have to beats by dre on sale meet the sensitive requirements of the human body.

Third, the car Bluetooth headset can let the owner free control of car calls. Easy to press, a key hands-free. Pick up the headphones, instantly flashing, free to switch the couple honey, Gui honey whisper, trade secrets and other private calls. This is different from the ordinary Bluetooth headset on car calls.

Finally, in the charge above, car Bluetooth headset is also generally charged with car charging function, with several USB interface, so that beats solo owners or passengers can charge power.

Another point to note that the difference is the car Bluetooth headset generally also has a common Bluetooth headset function, auxiliary driving car car Bluetooth headset in the satisfaction of the owner when driving the function is also equipped with a special headset charging line to facilitate business home use , Can be used with the sound, easy life.