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Sports headphones, let you sweat like rain is full of passion

Many of my friends beats solo have the habit of listening to music while running, there are many running essential songs, especially when the gym beats by dre studio sweat, do not listen to the song always feel that lack of passion, but too passionate movement and large The Bluetooth headset may be more suitable for you, but the Bluetooth headset sound quality has been reduced, you can, but also to the head of the headset, According to the needs of the trade-offs.

General exercise, if the headset is often out, it must be very unhappy, generally ear-style ear hanging headphones can be very effective to prevent headphones out of the ear, earbud headphones, if there is no ear hanging structure, , Not suitable for sports wear. If it is a Bluetooth headset, wired control will be a lot easier. Because if you want to switch the volume and song, the playback device will be out to lose the meaning of the Bluetooth headset. So the time to buy Bluetooth sports headphones, we must pay attention to whether there is a wire control Oh! Headphone waterproof anti-sweat performance, but also must be considered aspects. Sports will be a lot of sweating, the use of non-waterproof headphones, sweat may enter the headphone hole, it is possible to head internal hardware damage! Now a lot of Bluetooth headset there are many special features, you can connect with the phone to detect the movement data, with this feature, even without bracelet is OK, very convenient.

Running headphones are nothing more than resistance, comfortable, and easy to fall off. As for the sound, do not over-pursuit of the quality of nature is not a problem, the key is to wear a very comfortable, you can snap into the ear of the ear inside, how to move is not easy to fall. But also a professional heart rate health monitoring function, color matching APP side of the monitoring data, you can adjust and plan their own real-time exercise beats by dre cheap intensity. We all know that wearing the headset running the most bad thing is easy to ignore the outside world information, especially in the road to run, it is not recommended to wear headphones and traditional earphones beats by dr dre are different, not through the traditional eardrums to produce hearing, so use Without the need to insert it into the ear, it is worn in the ear, through the temporal bone, the sound information directly to the brain. This will not be isolated from the user's voice to the outside world, to ensure that users hear the car whistle, the alarm or the surrounding people shouting, greatly enhance the security. It does not have to plug into the ear, compared to ordinary headphones, this way is also more healthy and healthy.