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Speakers headphones big talk tiling speaker knowledge entry

Some old burns often hang a word called "flat" vocabulary, refers to beats by dre the flat panel speakers or flat headphones. In fact, flat and divided into several categories, the most loved by the old electric headphones, is a flat headset. Chat on the flat.

As the name suggests, the flat plate is flat as a plate, it has a standard cone, dome, moving iron speaker is not the same as the appearance of the characteristics of "flat" word has nothing to do with the drive, different flat speakers have different working principle. Talk about the speaker often encountered in the "flat" speakers, the vast majority, in fact, is a very thin design of the cone speaker, and its working principle and electric speakers exactly the same, these speakers are mainly used for desktop ultra-thin satellite speakers Or beats by dre flat-panel TV speaker design, the headset is almost no application, another point of thinking, in fact, the headset's moving speakers are thin.There is nothing special about the technical, this only mentioned and no further discussion. The speaker part of the drive is similar to the "sound box" such parts. This sound method is very limited, but the decorative is very strong, there are frame speakers, similar to the design is similar, but this is not the focus, The loudspeaker is very special, very obvious sandwich structure, two permanent magnet magnetic plate using magnetic stent to form a uniform magnetic field, and pole And the middle of the static circuit board printed on the serpentine line, power will produce a magnetic field and magnetic plate effect, which vibration, it is the diaphragm. This is the real sense of the flat panel speaker In this paper, we mentioned in the previous article that moving the moving iron and moving the iron point beats headphones to drive the diaphragm will cause the diaphragm to divide and vibrate, and the vibration of the diaphragm will be the same, Then it can make the diaphragm evenly force the sandwich structure, will not put an end to the vibration? Answer: Yes, but it is terrible because the flexible printed circuit board acts as a diaphragm, it is too thick. It will lose a lot of detail, high-frequency response performance will be greatly reduced.Even if there is a major technological progress in the future, you can control the flexible circuit board in a very thin, but for the diaphragm requirements, it may still be Thick, so this flat speaker, it is difficult to do the best, although it will not produce vibration, but in the long run, it can do better. Electromagnetic flat panel speakers can also be used for speaker design.

Eyes turn to the static speaker, static speaker is no doubt a flat one, and we can also understand through the structure, the static speaker is also a sandwich structure, the two plates in the middle of sandwiched diaphragm, from the drive principle, it's The diaphragm is also a uniform force, the diaphragm work will not produce split vibration. Removal of the structure As shown in the diagram, the typical sandwich structure, the diaphragm is very thin, thin to almost transparent, diaphragm coated with conductive layer, In the two plates, after the formation of electrostatic field, the charge changes to drive the diaphragm sound. Static speaker diaphragm diaphragm requirements are extremely high, need to be very thin, so the high cost of processing, static headphones difficult to enter the ordinary people Family.

Static speaker performance in the acoustic performance is currently the most close to the perfect state, and its distortion is far less than moving and moving iron speakers, but it also has shortcomings, its diaphragm amplitude is very small, drive efficiency is not high, need to increase diaphragm area to drive more volume of air, it looks very big electrostatic headphones electrostatic voltage of 580V speaker needs to make the electrostatic field, so it can not be compatible with ordinary headphone amplifier, let alone directly connected use on the player this number also caused some inconvenience to use, but you need not worry about 580V voltage, low current, winter sweater off static spark can play up to thousands of volts, 580V electrostatic it is in terms of low pressure. under way, electrostatic speaker speaker design can also be used, as the price of finished speaker, OH My God can only say two types of flat panel speaker mentioned in this article, gives way to solve the split vibration, but a class were not doing well , while the other costs remain high also slightly inconvenient, so-called gains and losses, have the opportunity to listen to electrostatic headphones, and then compare beats earphones the dynamic headphones, feel the vibration of split whether the difference, perhaps more than Read this more impressed.