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Speaker speaker how to maintain the speaker?

How can we protect the horn? How to make it the longest life? How to maintain good sound quality for a long time? The following is the speaker | speaker maintenance of a little experience to share to everyone.

The position of the speaker

The speaker placed in the location do not think it is a simple question, the speaker hidden within the precision parts, if long placed in the sun exposure position, or placed in the hot air next to the hot place, will cause the box surface foam or electrical components aging, more Do not place the trumpet in a damp place, to keep the voice coil rusty or moldy. At the same time in order to make the speaker will not be issued in the operation of noise, should be avoided with the mobile phone or magnetic strong electronic equipment too close.

Speaker placed in the environment

Most of the various beats by dre studio parts of the speaker are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. If the ambient temperature is too low or too high, will affect the stability of these parts, such as the temperature below 5 , the suspension is easy to brittle fracture. So the work in the case of low beats by dre on sale temperature, the speaker must be "warm-up, pre-play some soft music and the level down, after about 20 minutes can be peace of mind to listen to music. If the temperature is higher than 35 , The voice coil overheating will cause the sound degradation.It is recommended to avoid the use of high-temperature environment speakers, or in the air-conditioning temperature control under the conditions of the use of humidity on the speaker is also a great impact on the environment is too dry will make the speaker box Of the outer veneer burst or crack, the solution is to put a humidifier or a pot of water in the room; and humidity is too large, it is easy to make the pots damp moldy, resulting in sound playback weak, it is recommended in the indoor use of dehumidification Machine adjustment temperature.In addition, the speaker dust is very important, when the speaker is left with dust cover, in the dust at the same time can also avoid children touch the speaker unit to reduce unnecessary damage. Speaker box surface cleaning can be Use a towel after wet wring dry wipe, but do not horn the unit wet, wipe must wait until the water is dry before the boot, or easily lead to short circuit Fever phenomenon.

Be careful when using it

When using active speakers, because of its built-in power amplifier, electronic parts to avoid the impact of high current, so switch the speaker power, the best volume to the lowest position, beats by dre sale and then adjust the beats by dre wireless normal volume after the boot. When not in use for long periods of time, turn off the horn power and unplug the power plug. When the long time and large sound pressure after playing, the speaker behind the heat sink will become very hot, pay special attention to the rear of the speaker there is no enough air to pass heat. In addition, the speaker's volume should not be adjusted too much, about 1/2 the most appropriate, because the maximum volume of the state will burn the speaker unit risk. Such as singing karaoke, pick up the "microphone" will have to stay away from the speaker, do not "microphone" radio direction to the speaker, to avoid the whistle and burn the tweeter.

Note: Speaker dustproof

Speaker dust is also very important, do not listen to the speaker to add dust cover, both dust and also prevent children touch the unit.