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Sound field big headphones only suitable for listening to symphony?

Headphones sound field that is popular that it allows you to feel the size of their own space, from the sound point to the perceived range of distance, can bring you much space experience, hear the sound has a sense of hall. For example, it can feel that the sound is issued in a small room, or in a large concert hall issued.

Sound field of small headphones sounded it feels like playing in a small house, do not identify the direction of the various instruments, will feel the music is in the ear ring; sound field headphones can hear the sense of hierarchy, can clearly feel Musical instruments, vocals, can give people a sense of space, such as in the auditorium.

But the sound field is divided into vertical sound field and horizontal sound field, bring people the feeling is not the same.

Longitudinal sound field commonly known as "depth", vertical is a depth, it is difficult to describe is in the end is up and down or before and after, giving the impression that a 3D, need their own ears to feel. Good headphones depth should be a good distance between the rows of musical instruments, can feel the position beats solo between the instrument before and after, that is, before and after the instrument positioning and layered sense.

Horizontal sound field is simply that the sound to the left and right spread, and then was bounced back, can clearly feel the instrument or the human voice by the left or right.

The structure of the concert hall is basically a plane configuration, the listener needs to distinguish between the front and rear direction more than the left and right direction, because the player in front of the listener.

Such as symphony, concerto, chamber music, instrumental solo, opera and other classical symphony type of music. Listen to this type of music on the sound field is a certain requirement, because the sound source (musical instruments) more, the more difficult to restore, which is the majority of low-grade equipment are not good symphony.

Sound field of the headset, to hear a left and right, there is a certain distance in depth, the instruments are not mixed together, but can be distributed in a circular or oval scene. And the sound is not sent from a point, but from a lot of different distance from each other issued a different point, can clearly distinguish the location of different instruments, the overall scene of the more clear explanation. Musical instrument clear voice, a strong sense of stability, do not feel chaotic, do not feel floating. The sound of the instrument more cohesive, there is a certain sense of body, rather than a loose sand state. Giving the overall feeling is that the instrument is relatively open, feeling the stage is large, people hear the mood open.

Like we watch movies, the same is 1080p movies, 12 inches in the notebook screen, with the 24-inch computer screen to see what kind of better believe that everyone can feel. When you get used to the 24-inch screen, you will be accustomed to using 12-inch screen to watch movies? Certainly can not meet the kind of psychological needs.

The symphony is the kind of "color and delicate degree of playback requires a particularly high film", so the sound field can bring a feeling of no repression. But people and people are different standards. Some people's standards are high enough to distinguish the violin from the first row, and some people may only ask the violin and the club's position to be separated. Of course, as long as they feel satisfied like, after all, some level of music or rely on the heart.

Of course, sound field is not necessarily suitable for listening to classical symphony. Because there are many factors that affect the overall sound, headset separation, resolution, knot, etc. can affect the ability to restore music. Good sound field can be because of the different scenes, restore a different sound field to listen to the feeling, to meet the pursuit of music in the hope that friends. beats headphones Good sound field of headphones can listen to any song you like, and can bring you in which the beats by dre studio feelings of mind, restore the music scene.