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Small headphones bring hearing a big threat

In the crowded subway, in the busy streets, in the bustling shopping malls, everywhere you can watch some fashionable young people wearing headphones, they listen to music, play games, watch the video, a small headset away the surrounding noisy, let them intoxicated Own entertainment world. However, they probably did not think that a small headset may also cause a threat to their health if the hearing is damaged and the extent of damage, and the intensity of the noise, duration, interval, the number of repeated and other factors, including The most critical is the noise intensity, the higher the intensity, the greater the damage to hearing. In the human ear, there is a site called "cochlea", which grows a special cell - "hair cells", its task is to stimulate the sound waves and through the auditory nerve to the brain to send signals. There are about 13,000 hair cells in the cochlea on each side of the body, and cheap beats their numbers are fixed at the time of birth and can not be regenerated thereafter. Noise can damage hair cells, if the hair cells are only damaged but not dead, then theoretically there may be saved, but the practice of treatment is very difficult. And hair cells once dead, because can not be regenerated, and thus caused by hearing damage can not be reversed.

Whether or not to use headphones, as long as the noise reaches a cheap beats headphones certain intensity, will damage the hearing. Sound is a kind of energy, will gradually decline in the air when the spread, and the use of headphones, especially the use of plug-in headphones, the sound energy can not spread to the surrounding, all concentrated in the ear canal, the intensity is large, can be very high Of the decibel value, which is likely to cause hearing loss. Some people often in the sound of noisy environment with headphones to listen to music, this time, you must open a large volume to the surrounding environment to suppress all kinds of sound to ensure that the sound effect, easily lead to hearing impairment. People who cheap beats by dr dre like to use headphones should pay attention to develop good habits, the most important thing is to use the headset time not too long, the volume should not be too big.

Theoretically, headphones with shields have less hearing damage, especially in audible environments, because the shields can block ambient sounds to avoid the increase in headphone volume in order to suppress ambient sounds The Check the protective effect of the protective cover is very simple, put on a protective headset, do not boot, if you feel the surrounding environment, the basic sound disappeared or significantly reduced, it shows that the protective effect of the shield is better, if the environment did not change the sound or no Just slightly reduced, indicating that the protective effect of the shield is poor.

When using headphones, the volume can be controlled at about 60%, to feel comfortable and beats by dre pleasant, and every 60 minutes to rest for a while. In addition, in the subway cars, bustling streets and other places where noise, it is best not to use headphones to listen to music.

If you find yourself a tinnitus, hearing loss and other hearing abnormalities, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, especially the use of headphones often, often contact with noise, should be vigilant