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Several doubts about soundproof headphones

Why use soundproof headphones?

The sound quality of the soundproof headphones is much better than the most expensive earplugs, and the sound insulation is better than the best headset. It makes the sound source in the ear canal in the appropriate position and isolated noise, so you listen to music without any interference.

What is a soundproof headset?

Initially developed soundproof headphones is to let the musicians in the volume of the stage environment to hear their own play. Soundproof headphones use soft sleeves to isolate noise, and to high-quality micro-unit will be very accurate sound directly to the ears of the listener. These beats by dre professional headphones have been successfully applied to portable audio or video devices such as CDs, MP3s and DVD players.

What is the difference between a soundproof headset and a headset?

The main difference is that the two place of wear - located in different parts of the ear. Headphones are usually covered with ears or pressed out of the ear, and ordinary earplugs (such as earplugs for CD players) are also placed outside cheap beats by dr dre the ear. Soundproof headphones are not the same, it is specially designed to close the beats by dre cheap ear canal to form a noise isolation area, in order to achieve a unique acoustic effect.

Why is noise important?

We can use sound to use the lower volume to hear more details of the performance, and earplugs or most for portable audio headset is difficult to achieve. Long time continuous use of headphones, the lower the volume the more ears will not feel tired, and we no longer need to cover the noise and increase the volume, the use of it will be more secure. Since the soundproof headset has the above special features, it has become an ideal choice for portable hi-fi equipment, making it ideal for commuting, traveling, exercising, learning or working.