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Hifi world is a magical world, burning friends of the brain hole is also extremely strange, when we are still discussing the impact of different front-end equipment on the sound quality of hifi headphones, the powerful Shaoyou have begun to study hydropower thermal power wind power and hifi fever Relationship, that is to say you are still burning equipment, people have started burning power. What is the impact of different electricity on the sound quality? The following love will give you a serious nonsense! They think that whether the use of tubes or transistors, CD or amplifier, power is a fundamental part. Because there is no good power, no matter how good the capacitor, cheap beats by dr dre the resistance is white blind. So we will often hear them say: play HIF is the last play power!

So, in their actual use, they feel that different regions of the current, the impact of the HIFI system in the end what is the following? We are on their listening for a summary, as follows:

First, beats by dre on sale the power of the way to compare the sound quality.

Thermal power of the intensity of the sound warm, low-frequency performance is strong, and heard the sound of a sense of the sound will be a blow you kill.

Thermal power to Beilun power plant of the best sound quality, because Beilun used coal is the country's best anthracite, so Jiangsu and Zhejiang area more than the dancers, they like the warm voice.

And heard that there was a most experienced headset enthusiasts, he was listening to the iron triangle AT-HA25D ear with AD2000 headphones, listening to listen to suddenly picked off the headphones said, "Today can not listen, it must be hydropower station water level and up The next day it really reported flash floods, small Feng Man hydropower station reservoir water level soared to reach the highest level in 1953! To know that the power grid in Liaoning Province, only 1% of the electricity from the small full!

Nuclear power is similar to thermal power, but the steam temperature and pressure are far less than thermal power, so listen to beats by dre music some digital taste, but the player vocal and chamber music is still a good choice. Solar energy is currently limited to individual use, according to the family of solar energy generation enthusiasts said, solar energy sound warm, but relatively thin, sound field is not large, is the photoelectric conversion efficiency of only 30% of the reason.

Second, the impact of time grid on sound quality.

Time grid is the use of each time period easy to listen to music equipment, sound different. Such as 8 pm to 12 o'clock when the sound is a bit cold, after 1 pm beats headphones the sound was warm. This is because the peak power is found in the province of hydropower, low power is based on local thermal power.

Third, the impact of power grid on sound quality.

The current water, fire, wind, nuclear power and in the national grid, so what sound is mixed into one. Another way of electricity is generally composed of three-phase electricity and single-phase power, it was called two-phase electricity, but this way the impact of the sound is not large, the key is a sense of balance. Three-phase electronic playback of the compass of the compass is clearly better than the single-phase to be stable!

Hifi fever over the result is embarked on the "metaphysics" this no return to this point may be really "burn light", and good, the above is the hydropower and wind power and hifi fever, purely entertainment, Do not take it seriously!