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Poor quality of the headset on the body?

What is "voice qualified"? The bottom line is no noise, not harsh, the volume is slightly less case without breaking the sound. And the sound of the poor headphones is what the characteristics of it? First, the overall grainy serious, not smooth and smooth, you can feel the sound filled with gravel; bass is full of grainy, hoarse, not vigorous, the volume is slightly larger Some bass will have "sizzling" noise.

Sound so poor quality of the headset why so easy to allow consumers to pay to buy it?

First of all, the performance of the midrange area is often a bad headset deceptive "magic", because the voices and pop songs are often the main voice are concentrated in the alto part, and headset products are more likely to perform the details of the midrange, But basically can hear what is in the release of a lot of consumers in the purchase of inferior headphones when the audition, I can hear clearly what is singing on the line, so you easily fooled.

Second, some consumers do not realize how bad the bad headphones hurt the body, that spend so much money to buy a headset worthless, spend a few dollars still can listen to music on the line, this idea just to make and sell bad headphones Of the people drilled loopholes.

Poor headphones endanger your health

Poor health of the headset is a problem that is often overlooked by everyone. In fact, the harm of inferior headphones is like you put a construction site or drill bit worn on the head, if you often live under noise, physical and mental health damage is self-evident.

Poor high-pitched earphone is a killer of the sound of health, too sharp treble is very easy to make your listening fatigue in the moment, which is much faster than the quality of low-quality bass. Many of the hearing in the young began to decline, a large part of the reason is subject to more harsh high-frequency attacks. If this long past, the most serious consequences may be the loss of hearing.

A more alarming situation is: there are many high-priced headphones, their voice will still hurt your hearing and physical and mental health, the most common situation is too strong bass. How can I get a premium headset?

How to choose headphones

Because poor quality headset using the production of materials is relatively poor, headphones have not been any test, so bad headphones profitable.

Why some of the original high-priced headphones also have unqualified problems? Today, many manufacturers to reduce the cost of Walkman to improve their competitiveness, desperately in the headphones and other accessories on the article, even if the difference is tens of dollars can attract consumer. So as consumers to improve the sense of danger at the same time, to master some of the skills to identify headphones.

Identify the earphone is the simplest: listen to 10 to 15 beats by dre sale minutes or so, if the ear has a sense of pain, head dizzy, and accompanied by mild nausea, then this headset is likely to be inferior products.

In the purchase of high-priced headphones, we can generally look through the headset work, audition effect of these two aspects to identify the headset true and false. Original headset work is very detailed, no flash, the combination is very smooth. The headset manufacturer's markings are very clear, do not have the word, the headphone line length and the packaging described above are consistent. And fake work is very rough, the printed mark will touch out will be lost. Most of the headset is glue glue, the above can see the obvious traces of glue, and as long as the hard can break the headset. Headphone cable length is shorter, poor use of materials, feel more rigid.

Original headphones in listening to the effect is very good, no noise, high school bass performance is particularly good; and fake headphones generally sounds sound relatively thin, like a stereo radio, no bass. And even sometimes there will be "creak" of the noise, or a volume of a small volume of the situation. So if you buy the product above these problems, then the headset is mostly a problem.