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Please silently collect the most useful audio entry knowledge summary

If you want to ask why we choose a Bluetooth headset in the sport, then I think the most direct answer is that it is convenient ah; Yes, we wear the equipment in the sport is certainly the less the better, if you use Is the traditional wired headset, then you will have another mobile phone or MP3 player, but these devices will become your sports cumbersome; and if you use the Bluetooth headset, you just wear a headset, put the phone on the side of the music can be , And instantly let you in exercise a relaxed. In addition to simple styling, the strength and comfort of wearing is also very important for sports Bluetooth headphones; for example, a person who often goes to the gym, who must at least guarantee an hour of exercise time; during this time, We will run, jump, do equipment and other sports, which requires us to wear sports headphones will not fall because of strenuous exercise, or will completely disrupt your rhythm. In addition, if beats by dre on sale there is no good comfort, your ears are likely to exercise in the body after a period of time will appear pain and oppression of the feeling, therefore, comfort is also in the purchase of sports Bluetooth headset need special attention

For a Bluetooth headset, the stability of the signal reception is also beats by dre very important, it will directly affect your mood in the campaign; although now on the market a lot of Bluetooth headphones have claimed that their products within 10 meters can be effective Of the signal reception; However, in the actual use of the process, we cheap beats by dr dre will often find a lot of Bluetooth beats by dre studio headset signal reception are not stable, and some even in the 5 meters away from the beginning of the signal intermittent problem; therefore, we must Note the Bluetooth headset's signal reception capability.