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Pay attention to earphones and protect your ears

Headset cheap beats headphones earphones, most of the manufacturers in the design of more consideration is the appearance and cost, which led to the headphones on the market is not every headset is suitable for our long wear, favorable for our ears healthy. In the choice of headset products, users do not know the headphones in addition to sound quality, the need to pay attention to what aspects of earphone ear sets. Most of the high-end headset user groups for the young fashion family, select the digital products are also more concerned about his appearance, some rational consumers will be concerned about the details of headset parts.

Different groups of people in the choice of earmuffs products, the need for product details have different requirements, such beats by dre cheap as children's headphones, you may need to consider the ear and skin contact with the most part of the headset material is environmentally friendly, is soft enough , Whether it is easy to build dust and so on.

Adolescents in listening to headphones, often easy to enter the ecstasy of the realm, easy to use in a long time while ignoring the volume control, even when sleeping forget to remove.

Then this group of people in the choice of headphones should pay attention to some of the details of headset ear

A: sponge part of the height and softness. This part will determine the size of the oppression force on the gallery when worn, such as the height of the sponge is not enough or the softness is not enough, when wearing too long, easily lead to hearing loss.

Two: headset ear size, headset earphones beats by dr dre are common there are two types, one just cover the ear canal, one can cover the whole ears. While the latter obviously get better sound quality, while the damage to the ear less.