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New smart music, see how the wireless speaker to stir up the beam

Although the scene of a strong sense of music, but can not often hear to see, so there is a "This song should only be in heaven, where the world how many times heard" reputation. But in order to beats headphones cheap be able to hear this wonderful song, we look to the master gathered in the speaker to go. The reason why the speaker gathered in the master, because the speaker is far from breaking the traditional restrictions, become more intelligent and more humane. Then these smart speakers, whether it can bring us more convenient to listen to, and whether it can beats earphones provoke the beam of music spread it? What kind of speaker is the smart speaker?

Speaking of smart speakers, how smart? We side of the speaker, with unworthy called smart speakers? In other words, smart speakers need to have the qualifications to be recognized?

Technology uses the intelligence:

This kind of intelligence, as long as the speaker itself uses a specific technology, can make it more humane, closer to our lives, mainly reflected in the wisdom of life. This type of speaker is representative of the Bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers and APP smart speakers. Not only simplifies the operation of the steps, but also to the speaker has a long-range control capabilities.

Process Smart:

Process processing on the intelligence, that is, it did not use any technology, but from the perspective of technology and principles to achieve intelligence. Representative is the magnetic suspension speakers, it is the use of physical principles, so that speakers floating in the air, in the visual gives an incredible feeling.

Operational intelligence:

This intelligence, mainly in the music switch, such as voice control and gesture control, and even that the fingerprint settings, etc. These can be defined as intelligent.

Wireless speaker, as the main part of the smart speaker, it plays a pivotal role in the spread of music, then the wireless speaker is how to entertain our lives, but also how quietly let life become intelligent? Wireless speaker first bomb - Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers, in the wireless speaker belongs to the veteran of the speakers, such speakers were beats by dre on sale born earlier, from the 1995 Ericsson Bluetooth concept to the present, Bluetooth technology is used in a variety of digital devices, speakers are no exception. Even in 2012, with the rapid development of Bluetooth mobile phones and tablet, it is to promote the rise of Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth Speaker Compatibility:

The current Bluetooth speakers, it is almost 100% compatible with all Bluetooth devices, so its use is also super wide, with a huge "mass base."

Bluetooth speaker transmission distance:

Bluetooth speaker distance, in fact, and Bluetooth version is not associated, which is a lot of people easily into the errors, that the version is high, the transmission distance is far, it is not, because there is no contact between the two. In fact, the real decision to transmit distance, is built-in technology, such as PowerClass2 transmission distance can reach 10 meters, while the upgraded version of PowerClass1 transmission distance can reach 100 meters.

Bluetooth version:

Different Bluetooth versions, anti-jamming capability and audio transmission quality are not the same. In the Bluetooth speakers, there are Bluetooth 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 three advanced versions. Bluetooth 4.0 released in 2010, its low power consumption, and compatibility, and effective coverage can beats earphones reach 100 meters. Bluetooth 4.1 released in 2013, can reduce the signal interference, connection speed faster than 4.0. Bluetooth 4.2 released in 2014, improved data transmission and privacy protection, but the power consumption is slightly larger.