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Mobile phone headset jack can do

If you ask your phone's headphone jack is what to use, you will certainly answer: Of course, is inserted headphones, is it else else? Yes, because the headphone jack can also be data transmission, beats solo so in addition to plug the headset, the headphone jack can also be used to connect a variety of intelligent external devices, which will expand the phone function. The smart button looks like a separate headphone plug, just without the wires behind it. After inserting it into the headphone jack, only a small button is exposed. You can provide limited but quick application shortcuts by clicking, double-clicking, three-hit or long press, cheap beats headphones and with the corresponding mobile cheap beats by dre app (app), such as turning on the camera, taking pictures or opening any program on your phone.

The phone comes with the microphone pickup effect is quite general, you want to record songs in the k song out of the sound, but also need to use a separate microphone. In fact, this is not what trouble, and beats by dre wireless you talk headphones to listen to music as convenient. At present, the market has a lot of manufacturers launched specifically for the convenience of k songs to create a portable microphone, just need to connect it to the phone's headphone jack can enjoy the song.