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Low price also have good headphones? Your ears fly up?

For many of my friends, choose a headset that belongs to the standard of life, a high-quality high-quality headphones will make people have a good beats by dre wireless mood all day, choose a headset for a lot of factors, for The pursuit of beats headphones cost-effective friends can look at the ear-style headphones, is defined as a beautiful style entry headphones, stylish appearance, bright colors, is undoubtedly an increase over your ear Chongni! The product has a three-unit co-drive, giving the sound more rich and complete details of the experience, with two metal resonant cavity, so that natural sound quality, full of explosive power, simple and not cumbersome, most of the headphones on the market is nothing more than this configuration , While the use of metal composite diaphragm, making the three-frequency headphones tend to be more balanced, effectively enhance the resolution, popular appearance and color.

Colloid-wrapped circuit design (without braided or flat) Y-shaped sub-line design, bright black appearance, this wire is particularly good toughness, pull pull, but also to resist high temperatures, summer is not afraid of headphone line exposed in the sun. This wire can also be better to prevent the headset arbitrarily thrown into the backpack or put into the pocket of the winding phenomenon, a better solution to the troubles caused by wire winding! Three units together to drive the combination of ways, so that the bass is more delicate surging, effectively enhance the appeal of music; high frequency sensitive sweet and naturally smooth, so you listen to music at the same time, you can clearly perceive the singer singing skills, Has been between the beats by dre instruments of the match to ensure that when listening to music bass shock, midrange fine, treble wonderful, easy to control all kinds of genre, so you feel the original music. Support telephone answering and music appreciation, publicity on the product range is more balanced, for the song to enjoy even if the long time will not feel tired, clear and transparent sound is very layered, the price is very good experience. Sound quality and comfortable to wear all right, even with different styles of music, from folk to heavy metal, fully feel the headphones to bring the kind of ear from the music gives the feeling, clearly hear each note Jumping, light part of the sound will not lose the sound, to bring a good experience to the ears hope you will like it?