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Long-term wear caused by otitis media Headphones should pay attention to regular cleaning

Do you often cause ear otitis? Do you often wear headphones, often wear a day, or sleep at night, sleep, listening to headphones to sleep? beats solo Online rumors that often wear ear opportunities lead to otitis media, which is true? Often wear headphones on the ears of what harm

Wearing earphones can lead to two major categories of health damage:

1, the ear canal long-term existence of foreign body damage to the body

Single section into the ear headphones, all into the depth of about 8-9mm; multi-section set ear earphones are deep into the ear canal (after the entry> 9mm). The length of the external auditory canal is about 2.5cm ~ 3cm, the outer ear canal l / 3 of the skin contains cerumen, produce earwax (earwax) outside the ear canal is the bottom of the tympanic membrane. Can be found in the ear headphones earbuds and ear canal secretion of the earwax parts of the overlap, then the earplugs close to the skin, may stimulate the stalemate secretion. May also damage the skin, reduce the production of stalk, or earplugs rubbing take stare.

And the role of eye-catching

(1) to prevent dust, small insects into the ear. Staring at the ear cane moisturizes the fine hair on the ear canal, these fine hair blocks the outside of the dust particles into. Earwax bitter, when the small insects taste the bitterness of cerumen, they will be difficult to quit.

(2) to maintain a certain temperature and humidity within the ear canal, the tympanic membrane is often in the best exercise.

(3) inhibition of bacterial growth in the ear canal. Staring in the ear canal skin surface to form a layer of acid, so that the external auditory canal in the acidic environment, with mild bactericidal effect.

From these results: stare too little on the body is a disadvantage, may increase the chance of infection. Suggestions or not too long to wear.

2, long-term acceptance of the sound stimulation of the body damage

Any long time, high volume of listening to music will damage your hearing, and hearing damage is irreversible. Some people think: in-ear headphones can be used to reduce the volume. Earphones will be safer than non-ear earphones. However, a recent survey by the World Health Organization shows that lower noise, although not causing hearing loss, still has a bad effect on the body.

What causes headphones to cause otitis media

1, the headset is too deep

Multi-section of the ear headphones can be deep inside the ear canal,

As the external auditory canal 2/3 and no staring at the gland, the resistance to the bacteria to be lower. So too deep earplugs will increase the possibility of infection.

2, headphones do not clean for a long time

Many people never turn off the headphones, anyway, is their own use, do not feel dirty. In fact, the headset is absolutely harder and harder. The human ear is full of earwax, dead skin cells and plenty of bacteria - all of which will be attached to the earplugs. Although the earwax looks super nausea, but it is actually the most harmless. The real problem with earplugs is that their damp and sticky surfaces attract bacteria to grow and grow.

After wearing earplugs, the air in the ears is difficult to circulate, the temperature inside the ear rises sharply, and the bacteria on the surface of the earplugs will be so rapidly proliferated. Studies have shown that, after wearing earplugs, the number of bacteria in the ears will increase by 11 times. And our fragile skin is particularly vulnerable to the secretion of pores and sebum and the impact of hormonal imbalance, so that the slender parts become a place where the filth, causing inflammation of the ear, infection and so on.