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Long-term use of headphones induced deafness disease can not be overlooked

In recent years, sudden deafness and noise in patients with deafness showed an increasing trend, and the age of patients to reduce the majority of adolescents. Experts point out that emotional over-anxiety and long-term use of headphones become an important incentive for deafness. Children wear long-term headset is best time limit to protect the ears healthy development.

With MP3 or mobile phone songs in the young people has become a popular. In the bus, the subway, the street ... ... urban white-collar workers high sudden sudden deafness, the majority of the use of too much because of headphones; "enjoy" change "destroy", "earphone family" beware.

Headset volume output is generally between 84 dB to 120 dB, the sound of the Walkman is pulsed noise, than the steady-state noise on the hearing damage to large. When the human ear to hear the volume of more than 85 decibels, beats solo the longer the time can cause hearing fatigue; when the volume up to 110 dB or more, enough to make the beats by dre human ear hair cells died.

Experts advise that many students in school, school on the road are wearing headphones using Walkman, and some even write homework when wearing headphones. Long wear headphones even if the sound is not large, but also easily lead to noise deafness. When children wear long headphones to listen to some of the content has nothing to do with learning, should be a certain time limit, which is essential for the healthy development of children's ears.

Noise deafness, previously appeared in the noise of the workers who can, in recent years, people around it is more and more wrapped around it. Our inner ear has 18,000 ciliated cells of about 0.01 mm in diameter, which protect our hearing and provide a sound world for mankind, but they are very fragile and can not withstand the long "toss" of noise, easily damaged , Affect hearing.

For children between 5 and 15 years of age, viral infection is also an important cause of deafness, including mumps virus, measles virus and influenza virus, especially mumps virus, can cause severe sensorineural hearing loss, and more difficult to recover The Should be to the regular large-scale medical institutions to do vaccination and passive immunization.

Modern life can not be separated beats by dr dre from science and technology and entertainment, but it is recommended that everyone, whether singing or wearing headphones, every 45 to 60 minutes, be sure to give the beats by dre ear "liberation" 10 minutes. In the subway, bus and other noisy environment, try not to wear headphones, if you want to wear headphones, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume. In addition, it is best to choose the headset, which is relatively less than the risk of earplugs headphones. Love your ear, start by reducing the frequency of wearing a headset!