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Listening, Speech, Sound - Sound Sound and Transient Analysis

"Sound quality" and "sound" the two terms of the standard definition and beats solo understanding, it is difficult to have a unified standard, mainly by everyone's own feelings. Therefore, it also led to everyone endless debate. The author based on the understanding of the sound and the player, combined with their own experience, in this put forward the following view: the so-called sound quality is the sound quality, sound quality. The specific description of the sound, including audio, tone, sound and tone and other aspects of the content. beats by dre on sale If it is difficult to understand, you can use digital photos to metaphor. Sound quality is the case, we adjust the equalizer to improve the bass, plus DFX plug-ins, etc., so that we sound like more pleasant, in fact, many of the details of the sound has been lost.

Sometimes we are dealing with sound or image processing and modification is essential, so that can be more in line with personal appreciation needs. But we do not have to improve the sound quality, in short, the more processing, the more plug-ins, the more damage to sound quality.

Besides, now a lot of people in the comparison of what kind of good sound playback software Comparison is not impossible, but to know how to compare, or will only give people ignorance.

We generally listen to music when more or less with plug-ins, but in fact, this time we compare only sound only, not sound quality. If you remove the effect of sound effects, we actually compare the decoder is to play the software, and if you use the same decoder to play the software, it is almost impossible to compare the difference. Even if the use of different decoders to MP3 decoding, it cheap beats by dr dre is basically very mature technology. Although there are differences, but also very small. To our general player, claiming beats earphones to be able to distinguish just self-deception. Or simply do not know their own comparison is just sound rather than sound quality. The main performance of the transient response is transient distortion. Transient distortion is an important indicator of modern acoustics, which reflects the headset, ear amplifier circuit on the transient mutation signal to maintain tracking ability, it is also known as transient response. This distortion makes the music lack of layering or transparency, there are two kinds of forms: the input pulse transient signal, the audio circuit in the capacitor so that the output can not immediately get the output voltage, and make the negative feedback circuit can not get Timely response, the ear in this moment in the open-loop state, so that the output instantaneous overload and produce clipping, the clipping distortion known as transient intermodulation distortion, this distortion in the performance of the gallbladder is more serious. Transient intermodulation distortion is a dynamic indicator of the amp, mainly caused by the depth of the internal negative feedback. Is the impact of bile sound quality, resulting in "transistor sound" and "metal sound" the culprit. Reduce the distortion of the main methods are: select a good device and adjust the work point, as far as possible to improve the amp open loop gain and ring frequency response. As mentioned above, the high level of the input pulse causes the amp to produce clipping and cause transient intermodulation distortion. Then the low level of the input pulse will cause distortion? This depends on the response time of the amp, and because the response time of the amp is too long, the change of the signal in the ear can not keep up with the transient change caused by the rapid change of the input signal, which is called the conversion rate is too low. It reflects the response speed of the signal to the signal, the distortion of the small amp, the playback of the sound resolution, layering and positioning are very good.

It is mainly produced when the larger transient signal is suddenly added to the wharf due to the slow response of the amp, causing the signal to be distorted. Generally, the envelope waveform of the loudspeaker output signal is similar to the input square wave waveform to express the ability to follow the transient signal of the amp. Due to the distortion of the sound caused by the distortion, mainly harmonic distortion, refers to the sound caused by hard, fried; and steady or transient intermodulation distortion mainly caused by rough sound, sharp and turbid. The two will make the sound quality deterioration, if the distortion of more than 3%, the sound quality is very obvious. Headphone distortion is the largest, generally the smallest degree of distortion should be more than 1%.