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Listen to music with headphones or sound good

Like to listen to music friends listen to music with headphones or sound good? Today we mainly talk about sound and headset in the sound quality comparison, the use of the comparison and comparison on the operation, we choose to listen to music with headphones or audio to help. First, the sound quality comparison: delicate VS style

Headphones and the sound itself will not sound, are vibration vibration by the diaphragm sound, headphones diaphragm relative sound is very small, in the vibration of the air quality and quantity, there is a fundamental difference between the two, so in the There are different feelings of hearing.

Headset sound is characterized by clear, delicate, layered sense of clarity, suitable for quiet appreciation, easy to carry and does not affect others to rest. The disadvantage is that bass is not enough, shock is not strong. Sound sound characteristics are vigorous, bold, bass strong, high frequency foot. The disadvantage is that the sound is not enough delicate, the sense of detail relative to the headset to be worse.

Second, use comparison: enjoy music VS enjoy life

Headphones as a pure audio device, its use is relatively simple, is simply used to sound. And the sound is different, especially wood sound, superb workmanship, gorgeous texture, in addition to as a playback device, it is indispensable home furniture.

Have a good headset can enjoy better music, have a good sound can enjoy a better life. The fundamental difference between the two is that the sound can be achieved to create an atmosphere, through the use of different speakers can create a spherical sound field, you can let the listener into a state of ecstasy. In contrast, the headset is realized by the sound quality.

Third, the operation comparison: simple VS complex

Headphones are portable equipment, easy to wear, but also easy to carry, where you can go where to go. In contrast the sound can be considered part of the home environment, can only be placed at home, in a particular space to use.

On the other hand, the headset has only one interface, can be used to plug in, there is no technical problems. The sound will need to wiring, positioning, debugging, burning boxes and a series of relatively cumbersome steps.

Fourth, the crowd comparison: independence music VS public music

As we all know, no matter how good the headset can only be used by a person, the headset is very suitable for people in the dead of night to listen beats by dre on sale to music. The sound can be seen as a home atmosphere adjustment equipment, you can sit alone on the sofa video, but also and family, and friends, and love to share the fun of movies and music.