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listen to music? Teach you how to pick a good sound headphones

?Listen to music when we often say HIFI headphones, refers to the "high-fidelity" headphones, meaning as much as possible to restore the original sound with a similar headphones. Smart phones more and more popular, headphones from the cheap beats by dr dre original answer to the phone to listen to music, watch programs, play games, we are more and more demanding on its sound quality, how to choose a good sound quality, and cost-effective Headphones Speaking of sound quality, you must understand the headset wire. We often see headphones in the headset enthusiasts frequent replacement of wire, and often expensive, many friends feel strange, enthusiasts for what the line so expensive? In fact, the market is basically the headphones are used as a headset line of copper, many enthusiasts in pursuit of high quality, at the expense of a large amount of high purity single crystal oxygen-free copper or pure silver line. Copper wire center is only suitable for transmission, low-frequency signal, the surface suitable for transmission of high-frequency signals, and thus high and low frequency between each other without interference, but when the high and low frequency signal transmission is not even, resulting in different beats by dre sound quality influences. Silver wire can enhance the high frequency, many enthusiasts even use sterling beats solo silver materials to produce high-grade headset line. But the price of silver than copper, silver high conductivity, chemical properties more stable than copper, the surface is not easy to oxidation, so its high-frequency transmission performance better than copper!

That as an entry-level HIFI headphones, Romansi feast headphones embedded in advanced audio silver plating. What is silver plating? That is, in the copper wire outside the plating layer of silver, the middle of the copper line conducive to the transmission of low, intermediate frequency, the surface silver layer for transmission of high frequency, reduce copper wire transmission loss of audio, bringing unprecedented professional beats headphones cheap level resolution, The