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Life is more than poetry and distant, you have

Life more than the eyes of the move, there are poems and distant. You have to look at this point is your life, then you have finished this life, "This is Gao Xiaosong mother education he is often said that we have different poems and distant, in order to dream of cross the horse jumping the world, But most of our poems and distant are too immersed in the pursuit of material, the car house deposits, every day full of eight hours tired cheap beats headphones exhausted or full of street complaints, so how do we get to poetry and distance. For the future struggle, suddenly looking back one day found beats earphones that sprinkling blood of youth is running out, the meaning of life gone, leaving only regret, while we have time on the road, bring headphones to precipitate beats headphones their own. A very good feature that is the headset design is very muscular, but light weight, rigorous workmanship, and wear very comfortable headphones using Bluetooth and wired two connections, the user beats headphones cheap can choose according to the need to use.In addition, the headset used Active noise reduction technology, noise reduction up to 36dB, even in the very noisy outdoor environment, you can also enjoy a quiet. For those who love music, the sound performance determines the upper limit.

Unit shell and head beam gives a strong sense of durable, the overall weight of the headset in the bag ear design is relatively light, wearing no pressure head. In fact, TEUFEL is a very characteristic in the sound of the headset, this feature is not a detail, but the sound of the overall style of shaping the harsh execution.