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Let the sound reborn, talk about the balanced output of headphones

Balanced output is very mysterious for most headset players, and after all, not everyone will be keen to study the balance between the output and the sound quality of the headset. Most of them are from the headset enthusiasts experience articles, understand the balance output can enhance the "thrust", but also can improve the sound quality of the headset, so that beats earphones the sound field becomes larger and so on. But whether as usual, as long as the headset to support balanced output, sound quality will be reborn to enhance? In fact, there is no rumors that the balance is so magical, even if there is a positive improvement effect, not all headset players can feel when used. Next, let the "new video" for everyone to analyze the balance output exactly what is the same thing. Balanced output in the field of professional audio applications, the use of balanced connection in the recording equipment can allow the use of longer wire to solve the audio cable is too long to introduce noise problems, such as many professional microphones will use XLR interface, while not Less high-end amplifier can also see the XLR figure. In the microphone which uses a balanced interface, mainly its transmission voltage is low, and often need beats by dre studio to use a long wire, it is easy to introduce noise in the transmission process, and balanced connection is to solve this problem.

In professional audio equipment, a single channel balanced connection requires at least three wires, XLR interface, a lot of wire, while the small size of the TRS interface is also used, as well as the difference between the balance and the general connection, the author also mentioned before, here We take the monaural transmission to illustrate, if the use of ordinary wire beats solo connection, transmission of mono audio only two sessions of the TS interface, two wires to complete the transmission, one of which is responsible for the audio signal, while the other is Used to ground, in the balanced connection requires two signal lines to transmit audio signals. Balanced connection in each channel which joined the signal line has played a crucial role in the transmission of which two are responsible for audio signals, all the way to the ground, two are responsible for audio signals, all the way to transfer and the general connection is exactly the same original Signal, and the increase is transmitted from the original signal reverse 180 after the signal. In general, many people call the original signal as a thermal signal, the reverse is called the cold signal, the actual transmission of heat, cold signal will introduce the same noise, when the receiving device to get the two signals will be cold signal again 180 , at this time the noise in the cold signal is also reversed, and the thermal signal in the phase difference of 180 , and finally these two can be completed after the completion of the elimination of noise. In terms of electrical knowledge has a certain understanding of friends, the balance output principle is not complicated, its main advantage is to eliminate the transmission of the distortion signal introduced, making the transmission distance longer, especially in the field of recording is very practical, you can use Longer recording cable, to achieve a balanced connection, each channel must transmit two signals, and all the equipment must also support the balanced output.