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It is important that the L / R above the headset is written and written correctly

Now with the popularity of smart phones, listening to music this thing has become very easy and convenient, coupled with the two years of vigorous development of online music, just a cell phone and a pair of headphones, people can listen to from around the world Of music. Speaking of headphones, we should all know that it is divided into left and right channels, "L" is the left channel (wearing the left ear), "R" is the right channel (wearing the right ear). However, seemingly very simple design, if you wear properly will seriously affect your sense of hearing, and even let your brain flush headphones so the left and right channels, in fact, is based on the reasons for the stereo, after all, two channels More than one channel out of the sound more stereoscopic (more pleasant). Currently there are two headphones on the market: earplugs and headset, no matter what kind of left and right channel points, and can not exchange with each other, otherwise it will give you a very strange stereo and sense of space.

Compared to in-ear headphones, it is easier for people to wear flat head and headset L / R channel. In the songs, playing games and watching movies, are often encountered this situation, the author once because the past often wear headphones instead of "suffer." Although it will not cause harm to the hearing, but the kind of feeling completely dizzy, it is really drunk.

2, the following encounter you may have encountered the game when the headset wearing a cup of you

You may have encountered the following users before the "encounter", with small partners to play CF, we all concentrate, suddenly found the right footsteps approaching, your response is to jump out, the head aimed at the enemy ready A mad sweep, but was found in the place squatting teammates ... and this time from the left up the enemy two guns put you dry. Later discovered that the original is the headset L / R channel wearing a counter ...

In addition to playing the game, if you wear a movie when the headset will be very strange to listen to a sense beats headphones on sale of hearing, frequent sound in the left in the right phenomenon, you do a little dizzy. And watch the surround sound technology (such as Dolby surround sound) of the movie, the headset L / R channel can not wear a counter, otherwise the surround sound field and video images are completely reversed, you will find the whole world is messy Well, do not believe that you can try home.

Listen to songs generally do not have much impact compared to playing games and watching movies, listening to songs when wearing headphones do not have much impact, because you hear is two-channel stereo, but should have appeared On the left side of the voice went to the right (but will not get you dizzy), so it is not the song itself to show you the feeling. In fact, I think that the occasional headphones in turn wear quite interesting, the same song can feel a different sense of space

However, for the earplugs on the market, most of them now use in-ear design, the advantage of this design is that users do not need to distinguish between L / R channel, because in turn is almost no wear. Headset headphones are designed to be the same, so users are more likely to wear anti.

3, said so much may wish to use the ears to feel about the ears through the left and right ears to identify the space, direction and level, in order to ensure a higher degree of reproduction when the playback, usually in the production of recording, The principle of recording through two microphones, which requires the use of two sound equipment in the playback (two headphones or two speakers), and strictly distinguish between left and right channels, corresponding to the left and right ears, so as to get better Stereo effect.

In the end: In addition to the headset, in fact, many small headphones are used in the market ear design, even if not see L / R logo, the user will not wear a headset. Of course, if you have not been played by the headset, quickly experience its