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Intimate details to prevent beats by dre studio damage to the headset using the maintenance guide

In addition to the use of the environment need to pay attention to some of the problems, in addition to the use of weekdays in some of the details is worthy of our attention. These questions may not be so long, so we list at least a few words, it seems to beats by dre studio be more intuitive, hope to bring everyone's attention to these issues. In the use of headphones easy to sweat sweat, after use, pay attention to sweat wipe clean. Because the human body secreted out of the grease for the wire has a corrosive effect, a long time the wire will become open glue or easy to break. Headset wire should not always be wrapped together, in the use of time to pay attention to the natural comb open, do not twist like twist like, this is particularly likely to cause poor contact with the headset wire. Headphones in the storage of the time should also pay attention to the natural combing of wire, the use of winder and other equipment is actually unscientific, the more chaotic wire more likely to cause internal damage. Headset plugs Do not always bend, this part is often easy to break into the pocket, the joint part of the bad contact is a lot of headphones are often happen. When using the headset when the volume is not surprisingly large, many people use the headset when you like to open a lot of volume, which is not only for the ear is not very good, and beats by dre cheap will also cause the diaphragm of the fold, serious burn tongue. Headset with magnet unit, so try to stay away from the strong magnetic place, because it will make the unit magnet magnetic decline, a long time the sensitivity will be reduced. Moving the head of the head unit with the same ring headphones, so try not to fall, especially the multi-unit moving iron headphones in the bump when it is very easy to produce partial sound phenomenon. Headphones to stay away from the wet, too much humidity will cause the head of the solder joints on the rust, increased resistance, will produce partial sound phenomenon. Winter or cold when not outside the use beats by dre studio of headphones, wire cold will become brittle and harder, easier to break. Away from the chemical substances, especially with the headset shell reaction of the items, I have a brand of toner dripping on the violin paint, due to excessive alcohol content, direct dilution of a paint ... ... headphones are more sophisticated items, do not Curiosity too much to disassemble, a lot of headphones themselves to dismantle it difficult, and difficult to install it down to install back. Male friends are careful not to use the headset when smoking, perhaps you are unlikely to burn the headset shell, but the wire is still relatively easy to be burned.

Perhaps these questions are not so deep insights and knowledge, we all know that the existence of these problems may cause any phenomenon, but usually less attention only, we will be in use should pay attention to some of the details of the summary Down to bring everyone's attention. In fact, these details may not need to spend us too much time, but careful use of the words really can reduce the risk of headset damage, and effectively extend the life of the headset, after all, it is still we need to listen to the use of equipment, pay more attention to Great advantage.