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Influx of people must headphones portable headphones make you different

Want to become a fashion influx of people, then in addition to meet their own clothing, the personality of the digital equipment is also essential, but what kind of equipment to highlight the influx of people's personality? A series of earplugs uniform style, simple and clear , Through the transparent packaging part to see beats by dre the whole picture of earplugs, user-friendly to choose the appearance. Ear shell shell with plastic material, ear reinforcement at the reinforcement, better strength and toughness, but also on the wire also has a protective effect. In the beats by dre cheap right channel headset line design with a remote control, the controller built-in hidden microphone, the other side of the button can be click and double-click to achieve the answer / hang up and track switching function. The ear is a special positioning in the phone to listen to the avant-garde fashion, this earplugs rounded appearance, the shell after polishing, bright and clean; its use of double color, the appearance looks very stylish. This earbuds in the wire on the integrated line of the microphone, from the call sound is clear, often with the phone to listen to music friends have brought the convenience of the call. Headset wire is also wrapped in rubber material, can effectively avoid damage to the wire, the details of the design intimate.

A stylish post-hanging communications earplugs, positioned to go out with the phone to listen to, and compatible with iPhone use. The headset of the wire on the integrated line of the microphone, the call sound is clear, often for the conversation friends to bring convenience. This headset is the most personalized place to replace the panel color design, the headset comes with a number of different color paper can be replaced, and we can also beats by dre on sale design their favorite patterns into the ear shell, give users free play space Larger. Headphone frequency response range is 20-20000Hz, impedance of 32 Europe, the sensitivity of 102dB, very easy to drive, with the sound source with a very appropriate. This headset with ear-style design, the earmuffs part of the use of breathable leather material, moderate thickness, wear more comfortable, long listening is not easy to produce fatigue.

Fashion cheap beats design, although essential, to the voice of the performance is the essence of this type of headphones, wearing this headset, let the fans feel that people taste good, let the white users feel that the headphones really handsome, this The use of fashion influx of people out of the street when the true meaning of the headset. But how can we choose such a influx of people must headphones products?